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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another good Day!

It even started out as a "good day" today. JD came in my room as my alarm was going off at 7:00am. He very sweetly and almost as if singing stated, "It's time to get up." I said, "Ok, I have my snooze set for 10 minutes." I didn't fall back asleep though. I was too busy smiling that he thought enough of our school day (Giggle...yeah right)...of waking me up as sweetly as I do for him. Thank goodness I don't yell or threaten him with water in the mornings. (Oh, that could have been really bad for us huh?)

Our devotion today talked about the achieved goals of Charles Lindbergh and Rosa Parks. Both of them needed a lot of courage to attain their individual goals. It ended with us asking God to help us achieve our goals and give us the courage to do them.

I loved the Purpose Driven Life reading today. It was called “A Place to Belong.” So many people think that believing in God is good enough. They think they can worship Him in their own way. That is what God had in mind when forming His family. We all need to find a church family to belong to so that we can fellowship with them. We were given gifts, talents, and abilities to use as a church body. What if the “finger” was cut off from the body? It would eventually wither and die. But connected to the body it can assist in what God has planned for that church “body” to do. So those of you currently believing in God now need to belong to God‘s family. (The body needs you.)

I’m so over this whole fractions study and there are SO MANY MORE lessons to do dealing with fractions. Today we had to email daddy to assist in our lesson. Then once over that hurdle it was time for the quiz. Needless to say that was put on hold until daddy gets home. (Maybe not…he’s going to be in W-Salem tonight supporting a friend of ours in her ordination.) So what had us scratching our heads and reeling around? That would be “equivalent fractions” and “comparing fractions.” (Boo to fractions!)

Cute story time…so the lessons offer a choice at the end of each small session. “Did you get it? Yes I did let’s go” or “Did you get it or should I rewind?” Math as you know is not my best or favorite subject. So on most lessons since I’m the official note taker Jonathan will look over me ever so patiently and say, “Do you get it?” Most times I’m still making notes MY way so I understand it so if he has questions I can attempt to answer them. Most of the time I’m scribbling like a mad woman and smiling at the kindness of his question. If I need more time I’ll say, “Ok wait a minute.” He will then busy himself with his silly putty. When I say, “Ok, I get it” I quickly follow that up with, “Did you get it?” His response is so as-a-matter-of-factly, “Yep” (Like, I’m just waiting on the “special child” to catch up.)

Civics still used the lemonade stand scenario for today’s lesson. Only today it talked about consumers. He learned the consumer (him) had choices as far as how badly he wanted a glass of lemonade. He needed to consider price, location, personal taste, personal needs, and did any one of them appeal to him. I love what they did for this lesson. They said it was a hot day and you are extremely thirsty. The street was packed full of stands and you have the money for any sized glass. The closest stand gets quickly overlooked by the one at the end because there is a puppy beside the stand. So of course he said he would go to the puppy stand for a glass of lemonade.

Today instead of doing email/snail mail we designed four Valentine’s Day postcards. This was practice to write clearly and legibly. I told him if the postman couldn’t read it then they wouldn’t deliver it.

Language arts was a fairly fast lesson today. He had to understand the author’s purpose for writing the article or story. He scored a solid 100% on the quiz.

Science was fun today. We had to design a plan for doing and experiment. We did it on magnetic energy. We had to write up our purpose and hypothesis. We gathered the materials and followed the step by step procedures. We did observations on all the things that pulled to a magnet. And finally we wrote a conclusion. This again got JD up and moving so he actually concentrated better during the lesson.

I know some people think home school moms have all the free time in the world. At least that’s what I used to hear. Lately I’ve been busying myself with helping JD make 80 homemade Valentines for a Valentines Day party at the co-op we joined called FAITH. Apparently, there are 74 families in the co-op and 80 kids. The numbers seem a bit off, but that’s what they told me. I’m not real satisfied with the group thus far. They have no dates set aside to welcome new members and the yahoo page information is almost nonexistent. I guess I’m looking for a mission statement and meetings without the kids necessarily. Every time I have a new home school mom question there doesn’t seem to be a lot of concrete answers. So I thought since they don’t really welcome new members I thought, “Well, maybe JD and I should go to them.” I’ll let you know how that pans out on Monday.

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  1. When his day it good....makes my day.
    Co-op? Where do you find these pictures?
    Love it.