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Friday, February 5, 2010

You’re invited to the “Pity Party!”

It appears JD’s forgot to send out his “Pity party” invitations. Either that or it was a surprise party that I walked into. (Surprise!) The party started at 8:30 with math and continued into keyboarding. Thank goodness it ended at 10:00 am. I thanked JD for the invite but that I was not really into his party. This seemed to snap him out…for awhile…the encore party started back up at 1:00 pm during the study the spelling words portion. (Sigh…) Maybe cold rainy days bring him down too. (Rain…boo!)

The devotion today was about disasters. Apparently it’s “Disaster Day.” (Now see that makes sense to me now…) Then the devotion went on to talk about Jeremiah’s story. I love this bible verse “For I know the plans I have for you. Not to harm you but to prosper you.” Jer. 29:11

The Purpose Driven Life reading was about “Experiencing Life Together.” Fellowship is such an overused word. Like, “Make sure to join us after fellowship.” Real fellowship means sharing, studying, serving, and suffering together. I do believe our family fellowships correctly.

Ugh math! We picked up where we left off yesterday with those crazy fractions quiz. We struggled through it and even had to call Jeff for assistance. He managed to score an 80% on the math quiz and that's all we did in math! I emailed Jeff at work and requested a special tutoring session for fraction. Luckily, his schedule will be freed up tonight.

The keyboarding lesson was tough. I sat beside him and covered his hands with a piece of paper. This was a REALLY bad thing for JD. I told him the purpose for memorizing the keys but he just fell deeper into his pity and frustration. I kept hearing the voices for the wrong keys and I looked over at his hands. He was hitting all the keys at once hoping one would be correct. Of course I reprimanded him for this and RESTATED the purpose. He would be really great at this if he would just try to practice. I usually practice the lesson right after him. I think he likes to hear those voices fussing at me too. I said, “See I’m making mistakes and struggling just like you, but I’m not mad because I’m practicing. I have not mastered it either.”

The edit/rewrite was short today. I was tired of staying at that “party” so I moved very quickly into editing and rewriting. All I had him do was edit his last journal entry and that's all. But I told him it was because he did it so good the first time. It had all the capitalization and punctuation correctly but it was still kind of messy. I have told him in the past to lay a pencil down in between the words for the correct amount of space between his words, butthey allendup togther anyway. (That’s hard to read huh?) He was so thankful he didn‘t have to rewrite it all that I scored a hug! (It was like my payday.)

Health was another short lesson called “To have a friend.” It talked about the characteristics he should be looking for in future friends. The flip side of that was he should also possess those qualities as well. The lesson asked him to list his friends and write what characteristic he saw in them. Then he did a short word search with those characteristics in it. I asked for the qualities he liked in each friend and he was getting so frustrated. They pretty much all turned out to be “funny.”

I was a little worried about the spelling test today because he only scored a 70%. But he pulled another 100% today. However, I had to stop the class before turning in the test. I said, "Class look over your papers and make sure each word is spelled correctly before turning them in." He caught the very first word he spelled "stategy" instead of "stRategy."

Fridays are the day I do the grades for the week. It’s time consuming but I need to have a good record of what we did and how he scored. I tallied up January so I can take a quick peek at the month. The numbers are: Good days - 11, Great days - 2, Bad days - 2, and Other - 3.
Out of 20 subjects he likes all of them except these four: math, journal, email/snail mail, and edit/rewrite. I’m just preparing myself for any surprise visits from the state. I heard they will only look at the attendance records and immunization records and something else but I can’t remember now. So I just prepare all my documentation for mostly me, but then the state too.

Answers to comments: The co-op called FAITH stands for Families Advancing In Teaching Homes. FAITH home school group is a ministry of Liberty Baptist Church in Harnett County and is focused on the specific needs of Christian home schooling families. FAITH is open to both members and non-members of their church. I thought it would be more of a support group or older home school moms mentoring us beginner moms. But it’s only email communication about upcoming field trips and meetings for those already signed up for existing classes. The classes are all full and we don’t want to go on the chosen field trips. I may have to look around for a mentoring group. But REALLY I like the way our schedule works and I have more than enough proof that I’m teaching well at home.

I pull those cute pictures off the internet. I just Google what I want and ask for “images” only. I pull it up to see the “full size image” and then right click and save it to my desktop.

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