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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A highly distractible day

Today JD was distracted because his friend was on a 2-hour delay. So JD was in school while his friend tried to occupy his free time with walking around.

The devotion was about exploring space. Of course all of that was created by God. But so much of it has yet to be discovered. Then it went on to say some people have not discovered God yet.

Today’s Purpose Driven Life taught us “What matters most.” This taught us to learn to love. We need to learn it down here because it will be a necessary skill in heaven. The hardest part is loving even those irritating, frustrating, and imperfect people in God’s family. (You know who I’m talking about.) It went on to say life without love is really worthless. Love will last forever. And finally, we will be evaluated on our love. I never really thought about it but the best expression of love is time. I can’t help but think about the single mom who has to work two and three jobs to feed her family and keep the lights on. Those kids are being provided for but where is the love? I have seen these kids in my church. So I guess Mr. Warren said it best when he wrote, “The best time to love is now.”

We only did one lesson in math today. I had to take JD’s friend to the bus stop and it interrupted our lesson. So we reviewed finding the greatest common factors so we could simplify fractions to their lowest terms. (Again with the fractions?)

I let JD do his word bank lesson independently today while I was taking a shower. His words were: nonchalant, humdrum, and ludicrous. He did very good and finding the meaning of these words. I didn’t know humdrum meant boring. (What’s that saying? You can’t teach an old dog new tricks - yes you can.)

The journal lesson was suppose to be in cursive today but I let him print in manuscript because he missed Monday’s lesson. The topic he wrote about very descriptively was “The food I like best is pickles.” It took a while to dictate and edit correctly because his supporting sentences were all over the place.

We did not do music today because I had errands to run and the bus stop trip this morning set me behind.

We had lunch late and decided not to watch Animal Planet. Something about the graphic pictures of abused pets set our stomachs upside down. So we started watching the History channel. The TV does not come on all day until lunch and he‘s only allowed to watch certain channels. So anyway, on the History Channel they were talking about different states. So JD was allowed to watch it all as long as he could tell me three historical facts about them all. He learned facts about Texas, Massachusetts, Arkansas, Iowa, and Delaware. So we ditched the dry history lesson with TV. (Another bonus for JD.)

Today was the first day I ventured out since last week sometime. The blah weather had me socked in. You’d think I would get cabin fever really bad but I didn’t. Until tomorrow my friends…

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