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Thursday, February 25, 2010

100% independent

The devotion today was about monkeys and how they are always imitating us, making funny of us, or just plain “monkey’n around.” It’s ok to joke around, but there’s a time for it. There’s also a time to get serious. It also quotes Ecclesiastes 3. I love that writing. *Just a side note...I LOVE monkeys! When searching for this picture I wanted to insert at least 10. But I thought this one was particularly cute.

I did not do the Purpose Driven Life reading today because I woke up late and that means school got started late. So I had JD read independently in his book “A Boy No More.” Yesterday when we was reading aloud in the he was doing the right voice inflictions and pauses all at the right times. I was so proud of him.

Math today consisted of customary weights and figuring out whether to multiply or divide to convert them. It was just like yesterday (with length) but today weights. Since this was an easy enough task for JD to do independently, I let him. He scored a 100% on the quiz. While he was doing math I busied myself with yet more birthday preparations. I prepared the goody bags and the chemical trays with everything needed for each experiment. I even wrapped them up in blue paper to make them look like a sterilized package.

We went out of order today because I was doing party preparations. I had JD do language arts independently as well. He did a review lesson on finding the plot in a story. There are two stories and 2-3 questions for each one. Usually there are no more than 10 paragraphs for each reading. Today JD said, “This story has 44 paragraphs!” (Most paragraphs were one to two sentences long. He read both stories and answered 5 questions total. He mastered this INDEPENDENTLY and scored a 100%.

The civics lesson was about competition in the market place. He learned terms like competition, monopoly, diversification, and incentive in the business world. I sat with him through this lesson but I didn’t need to. He scored another 100% on the quiz.

Today during the Email/snail mail lesson JD emailed back and forth with Jeff. Luckily Jeff was not too busy. Cute note though...the first email to Jeff went like this, “Hy! Are you busy daddy?” I’ve got him spelling “stratosphere” and “denominator” but he spelled “Hy?” He did punctuate correctly though. **note to self…need more spelling strategies. Simple phonics does not work with him.

We skipped science again today. It was a long, lazy day for Faith Christian Academy, with LONG breaks, and I was mentally taxed with birthday details.

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