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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another good day

Today was another good day.

Today’s devotion was about the introduction of the nylon toothbrush way back in 1938. Then the reading went from taking care of our teeth to taking care of our bodies. If we take good care of our bodies then we’ll live long lives. Every year we live is another year of enjoying life and serving Christ.

The Purpose Driven Life reading was about defeating temptation. I love how God promises to never put more ON me than he puts WITHIN me to handle those temptations. When we’re tempted we need to REFOCUS our attention on something else. Don’t try to block the thought, just refocus. Like a toddler who is reaching for an object they shouldn’t have, pull them away and refocus on something new. REVEALING our struggles to a godly friend is another way to defeat temptation. Then we’ll have the support and accountability partner we need. After we humble ourselves in front of God to reveal our temptations we need to RESIST the Devil. After all we are in God’s army and we all have to fight back. I love that all I need to do is quote the bible like Jesus did and Satan will eventually give up on me, until the next temptation comes by. The last way mentioned to defeat temptation is to REALIZE our vulnerabilities. Don’t ever let your guard down and think you’re beyond temptation.

I think today was the easiest math lesson yet. It was all about standard unit of length measurements. So we had to know inches, feet, yards, miles, feet in a mile, and yards in a mile. The questions would ask things like, “Susie ran 3 miles. How many yards did she run?” JD was all over this. Then it moved onto reasonableness. Is it reasonable for a submarine to be 300 yards long? We answered yes. We were incorrect. It was 300 feet long. (I was Air Force, not Navy, shesh!) So he received a 90% on his quiz.

I had JD do “Word Bank” independently today while I reorganized our messy garage. I had a vision to build a laboratory in the garage by hanging black plastic all over to create a room for experiments. Of course some of those experiments will have to be outside, since some of them will EXPLODE! He did not do well independently and came out to see what I was doing. He finally finished looking them up in the dictionary and writing sentences for three new words. They were abaft, ad hoc, and callous.

There was a huge gap from lessons as I was totally preoccupied with the garage. JD was of course helping me like a little elf. He disappeared for a few minutes and arrived with lunch in hand. He made us both sandwiches. I came in to wash my hands and to put spicy mustard on my sandwich. He told me, “I put some on already.” And they say children look like angels when they sleep. I beg to differ. So we ate and continued building our lab.

I finally ran out of steam and staples so I came in for more lessons. Man climbing that huge ladder all the way to the roof over and over and over again. (Let’s just say, “I have buns of steel now!”) We went out of order a bit and did the history lesson fist. JD learned about wilderness men who trapped beavers for fur. He also learned about Kit Carson.

Then we quickly moved onto journal writing. I said, “Pretend you’re a reported and write five full sentence questions for these wilderness men.” He stalled at first but then got rolling. He completed then in less than 15 minutes. That has to be his best record yet.

The only thing we didn’t do was music. Unless you count singing half the Cantata in the car on the way home from choir practice (without the words.) Both Jeff and I have rejoined the choir. I stopped going because when JD was in public school the homework times were incredibly long. So now that we’re home schooling I have no excuse to miss choir practice. I guess we joined just in time for the Easter Cantata. JD was running from the car to the church with a board game in hand. He started yelling, “I’M RUNNING! I’M RUNNING WITH SCISSORS!” What made him think that? I was smiling when I finally caught up to him. He said, “Why are you smiling?” I said, “Because of what you yelled. I’m running with scissors!” He said, “I don’t get it.” So basically a random though passed through his brain and he had NO CLUE what it meant. Strange…then he said, “What’s wrong with running with scissors anyway?” (Seriously?) Okay Evel Knievel, listen here…

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