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Thursday, January 21, 2010

We had a good day today

Do you like the new background? I'm still experimenting with all the gadgets on my blog. More changes may be coming.

The devotion today was about “Stonewall” Jackson standing in the gap. Then it transitioned to doing what was right and standing up for good.

The 40 Days reading was “The Heart of Worship.” It talked about surrendering to God to be used by God. Sometimes things block us from fully surrendering to God. These are fear, pride, and confusion. I need to remember that surrendering once wasn’t enough. If it means surrendering 50 times a day that’s what I need to do. I especially liked today’s reading. Many things I need to apply to my life.

A couple of days ago JD asked if we could do language arts first because it puts him in a good mood. In language arts we read many short stories and had to summarize what was being said in specific paragraphs and then the complete story. JD seems to have a solid understanding regarding summarizing.

We were really on a roll today until the email/snail mail lesson. I tried to have JD place his fingers on the keyboard like he's suppose to but he was comfortable chicken pecking the keyboard and when I suggested he do it correctly that brought the frustration wall up. So from there he went down hill. I tried to tell him to write more than just one or two word sentences, but he got even more frustrated. Then I said, “our other option is to snail mail.” That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I told him, “The goal of this lesson was to practice keyboarding” so he can get familiarized with all the keys and get faster. Unfortunately, I had to send emails to Daddy and Grammy to say we were signing off.

Plan “B” went into effect today. (What’s plan “B”?) Plan “B” is when the distance learning website we use pops up with “website busy, under construction.” (What!? Nooo…this can’t be!) Ok, so plan “B” was breaking out the books. (My generation says, “Books? No, Internet. Right Lyndell?) We did science out of a book today. How Science Works is a book we purchase a couple of years ago from a used book store for only $3.00. It is valued at $40.00.
We studied about gases and did an experiment out of the book that included baking soda and vinegar in a bottle with a balloon over the top. This scared me a bit at first. And I’m nominating both of us for a Bronze Star for selfless sacrifice (and protecting the counters, cabinets, ceiling, and floor.) We both surrounded the experiment with our hands and bodies while simultaneously moving it to the sink it preparation for an explosion. Fortunately, this did not happen. (Whew!) So you can see we had a lot of fun and even repeated the experiment with different vinegar. We also studied: matter, atoms, molecules, and compounds. Matter is in three forms: solid, liquid, and gas. So I tied the experiment in with the distance learning lesson when it FINALLY came back up.

The civics lesson today taught JD about the economic system we use in the U.S. He learned terms like: capitalism, service, market, profit, network, and wholesaler. It continued from last weeks lesson about the lemonade stand. So we had fun with civics.

Math was the final lesson today. JD learned prime factorization and understanding story problems. We did two lessons with one big break between the two. This seemed to help with the daily “I hate math” complaint.

JD’s spelling words this week are all Greek in some form or another. So Jeff printed out all the “ology” words to expand JD‘s vocabulary. This whole home school thing is really expanding my mind too. (One day I might just be a contestant on “Are you smarter than a fifth grader?”) Turns out these past three weeks (while attending Faith Christian Academy) I have been “unknowingly” obtaining my unofficial Associates degree in etymology (a word), graphology (handwriting), ideology (ideas), pedology (children), phraseology (use of words or phrases), and psychology (mind and behavior.)

Tomorrow is a ½ day for public school students so it will (hopefully) be a short day here too. Until tomorrow…

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