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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It was a “talkative” day

I have a sheet designed to keep track daily subjects and whether or not he was attentive, cooperative, and getting it. Today, I put talkative in four out of 7 subjects. There were many times I had to stop reading, or refocus him. It was like teaching a talking parrot. I also have a sheet designed for him to keep track of daily subjects and whether or not he liked them or not. Today he liked all but the math. So today was a good day. (Thank goodness. I don’t think I could take another day like yesterday two days in one week.)

Devotion was about showing respect to your elders. The Purpose Driven Life was “What makes God smile?” Yesterday we learned we were “Made for God’s Pleasure” and Jonathan said, “I bet when God laughs he sounds like Santa…Ho, Ho, Ho!” (Well, He’s getting a stomach workout watching Jonathan then.) So God smiles when we love Him, trust Him, obey Him, and use our abilities.

I cut the math lesson in half today. I made a deal with JD. If he was both cooperative and attentive during our lesson then I would only have him do one lesson and then he could go to the websites playground and play for 15 minutes. This worked! Yippee. Today in math we learned about prime and composite numbers. He was really getting it.

For our “Word Bank” lesson we looked up three adjectives from his list and made sentences. Today’s words were: boundless, chivalrous, and capricious.

The journal entry went well too. The topic was “If there was only one hot dog left and both my friend and I wanted it I would…” (Oh the suspense…he took it.) We recorded the entry, dictated, and finally copied what was dictated. My purpose for this lesson is to have him develop sentences, paragraphs, and thought processes.

Music time came late because we took long breaks. We ate and watched the Animusic DVD that Meme let us borrow. (Thanks Meme!) It was of course entertaining and had us bouncing all over the place. Check it out online if you don’t know what I’m talking about. Go to: http://www.animusic.com/previews/animusic1.php and click on “video clip.” You’ll simply be mesmerized by the music, lights, and action.

After lunch we took a long break and went outside and spray painted some old tables that will be used in the spare bedroom (school room.) Then we went into the history lesson. It was about the Manifest Destiny.
So a good day! (Whew...)

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  1. Glad it was a better day. Yesterday made me cry
    for both of you. It is going to get better!