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Friday, January 22, 2010

Tough spelling day

Today was suppose to be a half day. (Um, no.) It was a ½ day for public school so we followed suit. We did not do keyboarding, edit/rewrite, or health. But it was still pretty long.

We started our day with a devotion about John Sutter who was an 18th century farmer. One of his workers spotted gold and from there it was the “Gold Rush.” Many people came, but few got rich. Many people today store up their treasures on earth instead of focusing on their heavenly treasures.

The 40 day reading was about becoming best friends with God through constant conversation and continual meditation.
We moved to the language arts lesson. Today it was finding the topic sentence in a paragraph and identifying the supporting sentences. JD did this but not confidently.

We then moved to math. The first lesson was decimals. He was confident about this topic so we moved straight to the quiz. He did well on the quiz. After a long break we moved to decimals on a line. I ask JD everyday about whether or not he liked certain lessons or not. Today math was a “maybe.” During the second lesson I listened to him singing. But I didn’t tell him I saw him “enjoying” himself while doing math.

The spelling portion of the day was the most frustrating for him. He didn’t study much this week so his score proved it. The first time he got a 60%, the second a 50%. I made him write the word and make funny pictures to remember each letter. After a couple of verbal tests he finally earned a 80%.

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