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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

An interactive day

Today is the 50th anniversary of the space program. (Boy that makes me feel old.  They walked on the moon the year I was born.)  It was an interactive school day.  We shared lots of thoughts and time together.  So yep, it was a good day.   

The devotion was about two boys riding on the roller coaster. One boy figured out a way NOT to lock the bar down and left it that was as the roller coaster took off. The boy without regard for rules felt like the bar would cramp his style and spoil his fun. People today look at God’s rules the same way. They think that rules are meant to be broken and those people that break the most rules have the most fun. Truthfully, God’s rules are a safety bar for our lives; for our protection. Those that break the most rules may look like they’re having the most fun, but looks can be deceiving.

JD finished challenge 8:2 in his AWANA book. JD had to read John 1 about John the Baptist and the Holy Spirit descending on Jesus. Then, John 14, where Jesus was talking with his disciples about he councilor that will come to teach us. And lastly, Acts 2 where everyone was speaking in their own language to show that the Holy Spirit had come. JD is so close to finishing his third AWANA book.

The math lesson was a bit more difficult today. It was about similar (same shape not the same size) and congruent (exact size and shape) figures. Then we relearned terms like: dilation, reflection, rotation, and translation. JD only scored a 70% on the quiz but that’s still ok with me.

Today JD worked in T4L for language arts. He read passage and worked on summarizing questions. He scored a 100% on the quiz. This was the same type lesson he scored a 67% on Thursday. He must have been highly distracted Thursday.

For science today we researched making our own compost can. We watched a U-tube video by with Danielle Lessovitz, took notes, and went shopping. We bought a huge trash can with a lid. Then JD sat in the garage and drilled 30 holes in it (for oxygen). We added equal parts of brown and green compost items. Brown items are carbon rich and include but are not limited to these items: cardboard, junk mail, newspapers, and wood shavings. Green items are nitrogen rich items and include but are not limited to these items: fruit peels, grass clippings, tea bags, and coffee grounds. (I’ve got coffe grounds covered - smile.) We soaked it down with water and rolled it around. Now we don’t have to water it or roll it for one whole week.

We learned more facts about Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, and Croatia in social studies today. JD is getting much better understanding Europe’s social and political system and the location of the countries.

JD read his Louis L’Amour book for thirty minutes today.

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