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Monday, April 11, 2011

Fun loving moments

It was a good day filled with lots of learning and fun loving moments.

The devotion asked would you believe if someone told you they were a trapeze artist if they were afraid to climb a ladder? Or would you believe if a guy said he was a race car driver if he could back out of a driveway? Probably not. Their actions don’t support their words. It’s easy to say we love one another but do we SHOW it? The apostle Paul wrote, “It is by our actions that we know we are living in the truth.”

Today in JD’s AWANA book we learned that the Holy Spirit is a deposit or down payment. Meaning he is our “Now promise” that all the rest of what God has planned for us will someday be ours - in heaven. JD memorized two bible verse to back up this fact. I also signed off challenge 6:7 where he had to do something to be a good example to others. We baked cookies for the first VBS leader meeting. (The recipe was GREAT by the way. YUM!)

Today’s math lesson was pretty easy. It was about finding patterns in shapes and numbers. JD breezed through it. The only term that was unfamiliar to us was tessellation. It’s when a series of 2-dimensional figures, that covers a plane with no gaps or overlaps on that plane. Imagine looking at a honeycomb flattened out. That’s a tessellation.

Today for language arts I had JD work in T4L. We’re preparing for the assessment now. I had him do two lessons called Think Aloud. That‘s where he reads the story with the reader and bubbles pop up saying I wonder why he did that, etc. He worked on level 3 and read two passages that were fable and non-fiction stories. This was not a scored lesson.

JD totally surprised me at lunch today. I left to run to the gas station while he started cooking tomato soup. When I got home there was some soup in a bowl for both of us and he cooked HIS grilled cheese for both of us and put it on a plate. (JD’s recipe: toast bread int eh toaster. Place cheese between the toast. Microwave for precisely 19 seconds. FAT FREE “grilled” cheese. Yippee.) JD even counted out eight crackers for both of us. He went on to tell me how he multi-tasked stirring and getting bowls, toasting and going crazy making our lunch. He's so sweet.

For social studies today I copied and pasted more countries to a new word document. Today we learned about: Albania, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Romania, Bulgaria, and Montenegro. Most of the countries that end with “A” are countries we don’t want to live in. They are new countries still struggling for independence and are volatile countries with political and social problems.

We did not do science again today.

JD is captivated by the Louis L’Amour book. He read for thirty minutes today.

The last task of the day was making sugar cookies for the first VBS leader meeting. JD measured and stirred and I baked. They all raved about how delicious they were.

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