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Monday, January 24, 2011

A good day

Today I woke up and JD was already awake. It was a little loud in here for awhile.  But, not having to wake him up and remind, beg, plead, and remind cut out a lot of morning frustration. So it was a good day! (From now on when you see T4L it will mean Time4Learning the website I use the most for our curriculum.)

The devotion talked about Charles Barkley and how he has his name associated with Pepsi and Reebok shoes. Celebrities want their names linked to good products like the product makers want the celebrities to endorse their products. God is also concerned about how his name is used too. In His commandments God told people not to misuse his name. He does not want his name associated with anything evil or false, or even to say “omigod.” Those things offend God’s holiness.

In the AWANA book today JD completed the Challenge 2:5 reading about the prophesy involving Jesus. Then, he completed Challenge 2:7 about the opportunities to tell others the “good news” about the Lord Jesus Christ.

Today in math JD finished up the third lesson for the metric system. It taught JD how to estimate and measure exact length, mass, and capacity. It was pretty easy. He scored a 100% on the quiz.

We used Time4Learning for language arts today and it taught him to “follow the Directions!” First, we wrote clear and very detail instructions on how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Then we did a worksheet that read, “Listed below is a list of instructions. Before beginning, read through the whole list to make sure you understand each instruction. Then follow the directions exactly.” There were 10 sentences in all. JD figured out pretty quickly that the worksheet was “one of those” worksheets and went straight to the bottom and read….“Complete only questions one, five, and six on this worksheet.” I was glad he followed the directions, but a small part of me wanted to see him “blink his eyes five times, do ten jumping jacks, and make a paper airplane.” but he was too clever for me.

Today in science we went back to “Characterizes of Plants” in T4L. We learned more in depth about vascular and non-vascular plants. We learned things like the environment they grow in and different types of each plant. Apparently we moved through it too quickly because together we pulled together a 70% on the quiz.

I had to go cleaning today so we did not get to social studies. My client informed me today that she will be cutting me back to only Thursdays for cleaning. She warned me this would be happening. She plans to submit her resignation soon and needs to take more responsibility in her own home.

JD took his book to my client’s house and read Hoot for thirty minutes.

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