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Monday, December 6, 2010

A hard working fun day

Today was a hard working fun day. We worked hard and played hard.

The devotion was about “relief.“ It started out talking about Alka-Seltzer and transitioned into other kinds of relief like: relief pitchers, relief workers, and relief from a cold snap. Relief means change, a break in action, or a new approach. We associate relief with stopping pain and feeling better. There’s one place where there will be no relief. That place is Hell. Medicine won’t help and the “weather” won’t change.
Heaven on the other hand is all about relief. Relief from sin and suffering in life. It’s only through a confession straight to God about your sinful life and the need for Jesus to be your Savior can you be assured relief in the after life. Whew, what a relief I will be in Heaven, will you?

The math lesson today was a lot easier than Friday’s but it still seemed like crazy math. Why do we need to know how to multiply and divide positive and negative numbers? Get this…if you multiple or divide two positive numbers you will have a positive answer. But if you multiple or divide two negative numbers you’ll still have a positive answer! (What!?) JD said, “I hear once that two negative make a positive. Did you know if you multiple or divide a positive number and a negative number you will always get a negative number. (Um what?) (Just memorize it and get through the assessment.

The science lesson was all about volcanoes. We learned that there are three types. We also learned interesting facts about the famous volcanoes and the terms or definitions associated with volcanoes. While I showered for our lunch date with Jeff JD was looking at various videos. His favorite video was about the underwater volcanoes.

We had to meet Jeff on Pope Air Base so he could get a new ID card. But what do you know, that office was closed for the day. Grr! So I suggested we go to the bowling alley and have a turkey burger or hamburger for lunch. So JD and I worked in two bowling games. We had fun and we’ll have to do that again. JD like bowling.

JD read for over thirty minutes again today. He continued reading the Star Wars book while I cleaned my client’s house.

While we were there I also had JD work on one worksheet for language arts. It was about correcting double negatives like: I never used nothing so difficult or Doesn’t nobody know how to work on this computer? JD told me, “This worksheet sounds Southern.” (No offense)

JD worked so hard this morning getting all his lessons done that I really didn’t care that we didn’t get to work on the brochure for the social studies lesson. I‘m just happy that he got to play with his friend while I cleaned. So he picked up some socialization points.

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