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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A good day

Today is the 69th anniversary of Pearl Harbor and the devotion told us again of the sneak attack by the Japanese. Just before the attack Japanese officials had been at Washington discussing peace. Then it transitioned into talking about Satan specializing in sneak attacks. That’s why Christians in God’s army we need to be ready and on constant vigil for these attacks. Those 2,403 victims of Pearl Harbor had no warning of the attack. But we have no excuses. So be ready because Satan is a master liar and twists God’s words to confuse us. Sometimes he tempts us BIG time, but often he is content to have us just become bored with our faith. I have to be completely honest here…Satan is working hard in my heart because that is where I am…bored. So this devotion hit me hard and put me on guard.

We became so frustrated with the math lesson today that we wanted to throw things at the computer. How does Algebra sneak into every other lesson? Today we had to add, subtract, multiple, and divide integers with algebraic expressions too. Can it get anymore complicated?

Today in science we learned about plate tectonics. I’m now going to thoroughly bore you with what we learned about the 12 major plates on Earth. The two types of crusts (continental and oceanic) fit together like puzzle pieces. We learned the three types of boundaries of theses plates. Divergent boundaries are where plates move away from each other. Convergent boundaries are where the plates move towards each other. Transform boundaries are where the plates slide past each other. We learned that the two layers of lithosphere and asthenosphere float and move around. In the mantle hot material rises towards the lithosphere (like hot air rising out of an open oven - ever opened an oven door and felt the blast of hot air coming past your face?). The hot material reaches the base of the lithosphere where it cools and sinks back down through the mantle. The cool material is replaced by more hot material, and so on forming a large “convection cell”. This slow but incessant movement in the mantle causes the rigid tectonic plates to move (float) around the earth surface (at an equally slow rate). This is why we have earthquakes, volcanoes, oceanic trenches, mountain range formation, and many other geologic phenomenon. There, now that we’re all educated about plate tectonics I can move onto social studies

The History Channel had a show on at lunch all about Pearl Harbor. So I let JD watch it and we did a little more research on the internet and called it social studies.

I’m starting a different approach with getting JD to create a story. He started telling me about a fictional island that he wanted to create. So I had him draw it out. It’s a three island together in a chain. He’s got an army island, a forest island, and one island is the capital. I called that language arts and plan to get him to tell me a story from his picture.

JD read the Star Wars book for thirty minutes today and we called it a day. Whew…

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