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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Good and busy day

It was a good school day and busy with the babies.

The devotion today was about overcoming obstacles. Dr. Benjamin Franklin Palmer invented the artificial leg after losing his leg in an accident. He made something good out of something bad. Then it transitioned into the bible story of the man who laid by the pool at Bethesda. He did this for 38 years. Jesus saw him and told him to get up and carry his mat. We all have choices when we are faced with difficult or hopeless situations. So when you’re faced with those look for solutions to your problems. Respond like Palmer and have a positive attitude.

Today JD completed his book called Behind the locked Door. Then we did a verbal book report. He did much better with the plot. He told me the problem, what happened, and the solution to the problem. The only thing he does is tell it in great detail. I try to get him to combine three or four sentences into one. This will take some time, but I know it will come with time.

Today’s math lesson wasn’t terribly difficult. It was all about simplify fractions to the lowest terms. For example 25/100 will reduce to ¼.

Today for social studies we watched the DVD America: The Story of Us. I took notes on the early use of whale oil that was used to power lights. Then, it moved to Slave Trade. We learned all about Harriett Tubman and the underground railroad. They introduced a character named John Brown. He was a radical abolitionists. I also took notes on President Abraham Lincoln. He was the president during the start of the civil war. There we death threats against him even before he took over the office. (Poor guy.)

We did not do science again today. Ugh, when am I going to get back into my schedule? I had my cleaning job to do today so I had JD cpontinue his school day at the cleaning house.

For language arts today I had JD write about Tuesdays football practice. Apparently there was some wild interaction between JD and another boy. There were three instances where they collided and I had him write in detail what happened and what was said so we could edit it for capitalization and punctuation later.

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