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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A good school day

It was a good day today. We were once again “compatible” and that makes for a fun day. Did you know today is Sunday School Teacher Appreciation Day? The devotion today talked about being in school five days a week and then attending Sunday School. Most kids will say, Awe…” It’s ever so important to have a positive attitude when you‘re at Sunday School. And this Sunday remember the real reason you are there (God) and thank the teacher that volunteers his or her time.

JD is still enjoying the newest Odyssey book called Behind the Locked Door. After he read for thirty minutes we went into math.

Today’s math lesson will be hard to explain but I can tell you nit was comparing decimals with the <, >, and  = signs. Then the lesson went deeper and we had to compare decimals with whole numbers and exponents. (It really is a wonder that I’m not squatting in a corner somewhere, drooling, rocking, and pounding my head with all this math.).

Today in social studies we looked at the different patterns of economic development in South America. They included: agriculture, forestry, fishing, mining, manufacturing, energy uses, transportation, and trade. We pulled lots of pictures from the internet dealing with the agriculture. One of the pictures was “cacao.” JD figured it out before me that cacao is cocoa (chocolate!) I want to live in South America for the following reasons: coffee, chocolate, scenery, and low cost of living.

For language arts today we went to the website that had the Wacky Web Tales. We added verbs, adjective, nouns, etc and came up with a real funny story about the sky falling. Then, I had JD complete the re-writing assignment from yesterday. It was the personal letter to Hank Keirsey. His penmanship was so much better today than yesterday. I asked him about it. I said, “You were mad yesterday and I can tell. Your penmanship is improved and you wrote it out in record time. I’m proud of you.” We still have not heard from the contributor (writer) of the article for AOL. (How disappointing.) Any suggestions on how to get this letter to Hank would be greatly appreciated.

We did not do science today because we spent so much time on the social studies lesson.

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