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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A good day for the birds (and the bees)

On this day in 1781 the American Revolutionary war ended. Wars always end with one side giving up, calling it quits, or surrendering. The war between God and Satan for control of our hearts and the universe is all around us. Good thing I already know the outcome. (See the hard to read book of Revelation.) As a soldier in God’s army, I must dress out in my armor (Ephesians 6) and stand ready to fight daily. But there can be only one commander and He is God. Eleven years ago I asked to be “saved” but now I have to surrender to God and stop resisting his direction in my life. There’s a HUGE difference there. One is salvation from an eternity spend away from God in Hell and the other is simple obedience. God doesn’t want “Good people” in His army. He wants His obedient children. Unless you have personally asked Jesus into your heart you are not a child of God, you are not in God’s army, you are fighting a losing battle, and you will lose your life. **Okay, I’m down off my soap box. **No wait** So many people cry out about the blood being shed in our present war. I am one of those people. But the blood being spilled out is not in vain. It has a purpose…for our freedom. And yet one man (Jesus) shed his blood for our freedom from eternal separation from our CREATOR and…are you one of those people crying out? What Jesus did wasn’t in vain either…

JD has pushed through almost four out of the eleven chapters of Behind the Locked Door. It’s another Odyssey book he started yesterday. He took a five minute break after reading and we went straight into math.

Today in math we learned about dividing decimals. Today’s lesson went much better than yesterday’s. We worked diligently together to figure out the answers to the questions. For the quiz they kept telling us one number divided by (blank) equals the answer. Then we had 4 possible answers to choose from. The problem with that was we had to figure out A, B, C, and sometimes D for the answer. JD took answers A, and B and figured them out on a calculator while I took answers C and D and figured them out on a calculator. Then, when one of us found out the answer we called out “I got it.” I then wrote the problem with the missing factor on graph paper and we did that problem together. He actually recognized when I missed a step and politely corrected me. I of course thanked him and praised him.

We continued with the reproductive study in science today. It was actually more like we had the real “Birds and Bees” conversation. We also learned about fetal development and the delivery of a baby. I do not want my child thinking girls get pregnant by kissing and babies come through the pee hole. Today’s lesson garnered more blushes than yesterday. Especially when I talked about puberty for boys when they become interested in girls. I offered a few tips of my own, told him it was completely natural, and finally told him that anytime he has questions to feel free to ask his dad or me. He agreed he would, but that may have been just to shut me up. I asked if he had any questions at this time and he asked some off the wall question about some war. (Um, what does that have to do with THIS topic.) We also completed a quick Human Body review today. We accomplished page 100 and 101 in his workbook. Those two pages included everything we have done so far on the body systems. He recalled much of the important information. I was proud of him. I’m not exactly sure what will be the next science block. I guess I’ll figure that out tomorrow.

Today for language arts I pulled up a news article from Fox News, which led me to AOL news. It was an article called “The Real Story Behind The ‘Call of Duty’ games” It told of Retired Lt. Col. Hank Keirsey’s role in advising military strategies for the six games produced thus far. JD probably has four or five of them so far. He loves those games. I started the lesson by reading the article to JD and then I had him highlight some of the adjectives, verbs, nouns, adverbs, and conjunctions in the article. Then, came the hard part…writing. I wanted JD to actually write Mr. Keisley a letter with changes or additions he would like to see in the next game produced. It was difficult at first to get JD started and I finally took the driver’s seat and dictated a letter for him to re-write on paper. I know he was dreading writing this letter, because he gave me very short sentences. I know he HATES writing, but he’s got to get over that, suck it up, and write. JD asked if we were going to actually send this letter and I said, “Yes.” He asked me to put a P.S. on the bottom. It reads, “P.S. If you read this, do you think you could possibly give me a copy of the next game?” We looked up the contributor to the article and emailed him asking him for contact information for Mr. Keisley. I hope someone emails us back or JD will be so discouraged.

We waited until after football practice to do our social studies lesson. The other night we rented the movie John Adams. It’s a three disc set all about who else but John Adams. We are re-learning what was already learned in the DVD America: The Story of Us but in MUCH more detail. The language they use during that time period is big flowery words that are kind of over my head. I have to ask JD if he’s following what’s happening and most times he’s right on target. Most of the conversations are in the continental congress meetings. It’s kind of a dull movie but JD likes it. (Hey, whatever floats his boat.)

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  1. No it isn't a dull movie...I loved it. You see the picture here, love of history passing from one generation to next and so on.
    Wish I could have been in the other room as you and Jonathan studied Science the last couple of days. I'm sure you did good. Good devotions today.