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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A much better day

After the all the frustrations that we went through yesterday, I’m so glad to report that today was a much better day. (It also extended JD’s lifespan.)

JD cooked his own oatmeal this morning for his healthy breakfast task. We’ve tried to get him to eat oatmeal before and he said he didn’t like it. Today is was “This stuff is really good and tastes like grits.“ (Don’t get me started on the whole “grits” conversation.) We looked up the food pyramid because JD is gaining weight every month and has been for a year now. We are charting what he eats according to the food pyramid and calorie intake since he didn’t understand consuming a whole large pizza in a day was not “moderation.” Have you noticed the food pyramid has disappeared off most food containers? (Maybe it's another government conspiracy.)

We did our devotion first, of course. After the disaster of teaching JD the wrong way to do multiplication yesterday we opened our Time4Learning website and watched the lesson on multiplication and division just to see if they taught “additional” ways that could be done. (There wasn’t.) I finally pulled out the colored pencils. I wrote the problem on a piece of paper six times and had him draw an oval around the first step and write the answer in the same color. Then, I had him switch colors and draw and oval around step two and write the answer on the second problem. (Well you get the point.) After we were done he had a six colored multiplication problems. I then moved all that to an excel sheet with six different shaded colors on six of the same problems. This seemed to help some. We’ll see tomorrow when I give him some problems to solve. (Ugh!)

We took a break and went outside. I saw all these containers of fluids and oils on our garage shelves. I popped open the hood and checked my radiator fluid, windshield wiper fluid, and oil. I had JD right beside of me the whole time. I told him about the dangers of Anti-freeze and pets and told him not to check it when its hot. Then, I showed him how to check the oil. (We might have a future grease monkey in our family.)

Then, we moved onto “Intro to Literature.” (Literature is a tough word to spell…I spell things by sounding them out in weird ways. After the 10th time of spell check catching my misspelled word I finally learned.) Today we made a pentagon shaped poster for our literature genres to go into. There are five major genres and they are: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, plays, and fairy tale/fable. So the pentagon shape helped JD remember the 5 major genres. We put examples of each type in the correct “wing” in the pentagon. After that I went to a library website that had “Genre Game Show” on it. There were 15 total questions and a chance to earn $1,000,000 imaginary dollars. JD did really well on it and after a couple of attempts he finally reached $1,000,000.

A nurse from Pope clinic called me today to schedule an endocrinologist appointment for JD. I asked, “What is an endocrinologist and why is he being scheduled for an appointment. Nothing negative came up from last weeks blood panel.” Apparently, his pediatrician saw something after she talked to me on the phone dealing with his thyroid. (That would explain the steady weight gain.) The appointment is scheduled for 14 Sep.

We did not do a Science lesson today. During our lunch break JD was watching the History Channel and they kept talking about bones being “millions of years old.” JD kept saying, “6,000 years old.” I asked JD why he thinks that. He said, “Because you guys have told me that before. (Yeah, well I tell you to brush your teeth daily and you look at me like I’m speaking French.) So I pulled up a timeline from the internet that showed: creation (6 literal days), from Adam to Jesus (4,000 years), and counted to today (2010 years.) I “showed” him it really is only around 6,000 years. We also referenced the bible genealogies.

The last lesson of the day was in Social Studies. It was a lesson called “What is a political party?” I had JD take notes again. (I think I would rather shove bamboo shoots up my finger nails than to teach notes taking to JD and suffer through the lengthy process.) It took almost 30 minutes to do three slides of information about the history of the three political parties: Republican, Democratic, and Third party. This lesson will be completed tomorrow. (Ugh again.)

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