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Thursday, September 9, 2010

A good day

We did our devotion like normal and then moved to Langauge Arts. In Intro to Literature we watched videos of famous speeches like: “I have a dream” by Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, The D-Day “Last order of the day” by Dwight D. Eisenhower, and finally Patton’s speech. I thought this would be a lot more fun than reading them. We learned what each speech was about and additional facts about each speaker. Jeff, you’d be so proud of JD. He knew Patton died of car accident wounds. (He really is listening.)

Then, we moved onto science. For science today we watched videos of the Mars Rovers named Opportunity and Spirit. The videos we very gripping. JD felt sorry for them when they got stuck or covered in dust. They hibernated for the winter and traveled much farther than ever anticipated. Did you know they were only suppose to be on a 90 mission. They started out in 2003 and they are still roaming around Mars collecting samples. You can watch the drama filled videos at YouTube. Type in “Mars Rovers Part I (AggManUK)” (Or copy and paste) The last thing we did for science was review a few other facts about our solar system.

Today at lunch our massive school mascot came in. I got the idea when we visited the beach zoo. Our lion is 75 inches long from the tip of his front paws to the tip of his tail. He’s so life like that it scares Tater Tot. She slinks by him when she’s near him. I Googled “stuffed Lion” and found it for “$70.00 + the shipping fee.” (Um, I don’t think so.) So I kept searching and found it for $48.75 and FREE shipping. (Call me frugal, but I got the exact same thing for $30.00 cheaper.) Why a lion for our mascot? In Christian tradition, the Lion of Judah represents Jesus. (More lions might go good in the classroom.)

JD used the huge box to build a toll booth in my living room. Every time I went out to do yard work he charges me a quarter. So I used his idea to aide in the math lesson. I gave him three problems to work. One was “You make $7.50 and hour working in your toll booth. If you worked 14 hours one day how much would you earn?” Another was “125 cars came through on your shift. You charged them all one quarter. How much did you earn for your state?” The last question was “Your county earned $31.25 in quarters in one day. How much could 13 other counties earn if they set up a toll booth?”

The nutrition chart from yesterday turned out pretty good. I’m not sure I recorded everything he’s eating. But he was missing some vegetables and went way over on the fats, oils, and SWEETS group. Sweets is what got him. He’s supposed to be getting around 2,200 - (I’ve seen as high as) 2,500 a day for his age! Like I said I didn’t record accurately yesterday and came up with around 2,240. Today he is up to 2,954 at 9:00pm. He’s still missing the meat, vegs, and grains group. But, he’s way over in the sweets group. (I made brownies for Jeff yesterday night.

In social studies today we concentrated on the seven continents. We had three copies of the same atlas map. We then ranked the continents by population, largest to smallest square miles, and the most countries to the least in each continent. I had him put bright stickers on each continent. Orange represented the largest and yellow represented the smallest. That way he would at least remember those two colors on each map. Now I know Antarctica is desolate but did you know that they have zero countries and zero population. In the summer there might be 4,000 people there to perform research and in the winter that number drops down to 1,000. (The things that make you say hum…)

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  1. Sounds like a really good day. Love the
    picture, understand Tater.