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Thursday, June 3, 2010

A good day

The devotion today was about Lou Gehrig and Cal Ripkin Jr. holding the records playing in the most consecutive games. In 1941, Lou faithfully played 2,130 games and much later Cal played 2,632 games in a row. Their teams must have loved being able to count on them no matter what. God is also faithful like that. We know we can count on God to be with us, everywhere, all the time. We also need to remain strong and faithful, through all kinds of trouble.

We read three chapters in Exodus today. Chapter 18 was when Jethro, Moses’ father-in-law, came to visit Moses. After watching the people swarm him in flock Jethro offered some suggestions. Jethro’s advice was to pick some elders to handle the little problems, and only bring the serious problems to Moses. Chapter 19 was when the Lord revealed himself to Moses. He gave specific instructions for all of the people not to pass the boundary. Chapter 20 was where God gave the Israelites were the 10 Commandments. The last thing God told them about was proper altar building.

The grammar lesson today was about the different types of punctuation marks of: period, question, exclamation, comma, apostrophe, quotation, colon, and semicolon. I reviewed all the different marks with him and then gave him 2-3 sentences for correction. He did really good on this.

The keyboard lesson did not go as planned. He’s been through the online lessons twice now, but refuses to practice without looking. My goal for this summer is to get him to get the thought from his mind to the keyboard in a timely manner. (It’s so much quicker to type than write.) I had him type 5 sentences about the new sword he got. (**Side note…no living plants or animals have been injured or killed…yet!) One of his sentences was “Oh, look a chicken.” (Funny guy)

I told Jeff this summer I would also be enrolling JD in the newest Faith Christian Academy course called “Home Economics.” Jeff prefers “Bachelor Survival.” So every time I have JD clean anything I start it off like this, “Jonathan, Bachelor Survival tip, please clean….” He’s a hard headed student!

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