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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The sword is here!

The devotion today was about a king or queen being crowned and all the hubbub that goes along with it. Jesus is called the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. That means he outranks all the kings, queens, presidents, prime ministers, and other national leaders. This means we need to honor and obey him. (Can you imagine how much more we would honor and obey him if he were right in front of us?)

We read two chapters out of Exodus today. Chapter 16 was all about the people grumbling and God providing quail and manna for them. There were still some that did not obey very specific instructions. Chapter 17 was about the water from a rock and the fight against the Amalek people, where Moses had to hold the staff up with the assistance of Aaron and Hur.

Jeff and all his infinite fatherly wisdom thought it would be nice for his 11 year old son also named “Hyder“ to have a fairly inexpensive metal sword to play around with. (Remember the whole “Sometimes as parents we make mistakes” blog?) Which makes me think of the time Jeff gave JD a small pocket knife that ended up in our truck tire, but that’s another story. So we‘ve been tracking the shipping on this WEAPON for several days now and today was to be the official arrival date. I tracked it at 10:00am and saw it was on a vehicle for delivery. JD has been watching the window like a hawk and every time a cricket farted he thought it was the FedEx delivery truck arriving. It finally arrived at 11:00ish. Great, now how will we get anything school related done today? I let him play with it after the math lesson. He had a hard time attaching it with a belt but quickly removed himself from the safety of our home to slay dragons or something. (*Thinking out loud* “It better not be any trees!”) CODE YELLOW! I must have a safety conversation with him. Because he is a male “Hyder” and for the preserved safety of the fruit of my labor (all living plants.) I told JD, "The sword will NOT be used to slice bushes, trees, and flowers." The look on his face said it all. (I was too late.) I followed that up with, "The sword will not be impaled into the pool or swimming floats, AND will NOT be taken on the trampoline." I asked if I had left anything out or left anything unclear. His response, “No.” Oh silly me...it will also NOT be used ON or NEAR our animals or other people. (Jeff, this was YOUR responsibility.) Why was I was too late? JD apparently saw a dragon in what I call his “giving tree.” He only slice a few leaves off. (Whew.)

Today for math I reviewed the analog clock. You know the ones with thee short hand and the long hand? Who knew technology (IE: digital clocks) could hinder education? JD missed an analog clock question on the assessment. That’s when I stepped in during the assessment and asked, “Are you sure?” His response, “Yep.” I rephrased the question for him and said, “If it’s 10:30 now, what time will it be in 40 minutes.” His response, “Ten.” That is what prompted this “time” lesson. He knows the numbers 1,2,3...counts for 5 minutes each. I showed him if we cut this “pie” twice we’ll have four pieces. Those four pieces are 15 minutes in time. I taught him to count by 15’s to get around the clock quicker; along with the phrases “quarter past the hour, half past the hour, and quarter till.” I told him each little dash in between the minutes is one minute. He already knew there were sixty minutes in an hour. This lesson seems juvenile for his age but I had to go all the way back to make sure he got the concept. First we made a clock with a paper plate and laminated long and short hands. We punched a hole in the plate and hands so they could move around. I also wrote 15 & ¼ by the three, 30 &½ by the six, and 45 & ¼ by the nine. We ran some drills where I called out the time and he moved the hands. He stumbled at first but got it eventually. Then, I had a sheet with clocks and hands showing a time. He was to write down the time under the clock. Finally, I gave him another sheet that had the time written on it and he had to draw the hands on the clock. This was just the beginning of the “time” lessons.

Today in English we reviewed sentences. It covered everything we’ve done over the last month or so. It includes : correct sentences verses fragments, the four kinds of sentences (declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory) simple and complete subjects and predicates, simple subjects and predicates, conjunctions (and, but, or), and finally run-on sentences. I either had him write a sentence or correct a sentence for review. This was tough for him, because I clearly wrote the in. Instructions and asked him to follow them. I told him next year he would need to work more independently. I told him I would be available for question, but he would need to read the instructions and follow them. Then I walked away. There was a lot of stagnate time where he was doing something other than writing or just sitting there wishing this was all just a bad dream. I had to remind him this task should take no longer than 15 minutes and if he would buckle down and do it he could go play.

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