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Monday, May 3, 2010

Short and sweet day

It was a short, sweet day today. It ended at 11:46 AM and we got all seven of the lessons completed.

The devotion today was called “Tax Freedom Day.” What’s that saying...There are only two certainties in life…death and taxes. Taxes have been around since bible times. We all ready discussed the time Jesus where Jesus answered a question about taxes with this answer (paraphrased), “give to Rome what Rome is due, but give to God what he is owed.” We can actually pay with our faithfulness, our obedience, and our love. What about with our abilities and talents? Sure. Just as we are expected to pay our taxes, we are also expected to “pay” God what is owed to Him. (Okay, now why is this Tax Freedom Day?”) Tax Freedom Day happens around the 99th day of the new year. (I think the devotion book is a bit off.) Americans will work well over three months of the year—from January 1 to April 9—before they have earned enough money to pay the year's tax obligations at the federal, state and local levels. (Whatever! Tax, tax, tax, away!)

Today in bible we read Genesis 41-42. Chapter 41 was about Pharaoh’s dreams of the fat and skinny cows and the healthy and withered wheat. Joseph was taken from prison to interpret these dreams and then put second in charge of Egypt right under the Pharaoh himself. The dreams came true. There were seven good years of crops and seven years of drought. Chapter 42 was when Joseph’s brother came to Egypt to buy food as their father instructed. Joseph’s brothers didn’t recognize him. But Joseph recognized the. One was left in prison while the others had to go back and get Benjamin to prove they were not spies. What a great symbolism of Jesus and his people.

There are multiple reasons we became a home school family. One of them was the fact that I had four fifth grade teachers as church friends. (Could this have been a God thing? I believe so.) My friends all pitched in and gave me books and one even scrounged up an old End Of Grade (EOG) test from the year prior. Of course it is out dated and was not going to be used this year. That is what JD and I did today for math since we finished up all the math lessons on Friday. We only did half of the test today. So out of 25 questions he only missed 7. That’s a 73%. That’s not too shabby. Considering we went straight into the EOG without reviewing the material that we learned way back in January. I did the practice EOG test so I could figure out what he needed review on instead of reviewing it all.

We combined keyboarding with journal again today. Today I had him write a “color poem.” I asked for some descriptive details for each sentence, but other than that this is what he came up with. (The bold font it what I prompted him with.) Blue is the color of my eyes. Blue is in the cloudy sky. Blue is cool but not cold. Blue is fast like a shark. Blue smells like violets in the Spring. Blue tastes like fresh picked blueberries. Blue sounds like a crying baby. Blue looks like fluffy cotton candy. Blue feels like a warm blueberry muffin. Blue makes me feel sad. Blue is sweet like chocolate Easter bunnies. We also played hide and seek tag again today in order to get it typed up quicker. Let me tell you…back in the late winter season of 2007 I broke my right pinkie toe. Today I heard that little pinkie toe say, “Wee, wee, wee, all the way home.” I was scrunched up under a scrap of carpet in the spare bedroom. It was an excellent hiding place and I didn’t want to give it away. But when the big bad wolf moved out of earshot me and my piggy’s I moved to a more comfortable spot where I could move and breath. This confused JD when he re-looked and found me in my new spot. But it made for another fun lesson. (I’d like to see public school try that, Hah ha.)

For art today I offered him a chance to make a Mother’s Day card or a project or both. So I pulled out some random shaped and colored foam pieces and an old white 4x4” tile from the church bathroom renovation project. (They were just going to throw them out anyway. So I scooped them up for a future craft project. **Any ideas?) JD designed a beautiful coaster for me with a message on it that only he and I truly understand. (“I dub u.” It comes from his little guy days when he was just learning to speak. He handed me a purple and yellow flower from our backyard in Oklahoma, and said, “I dub oo.”) JD finished his project and started to bring it to me, but I told him to save it for Mother’s Day. He said, “But I wanted you to have a pre-Mother’s Day gift.” (Sorry Jeff, I tried to help you out.) But after he finished that he set out to make something else that he quickly wrapped up. (Guess I’ll have to wait on that one.) *Smile

I gave JD 15 new spelling words today. They are all four letter words with more silent letters.

Did I mention we all started a garden in our garage? With those little seed starters. Well we did and now it's time to plant. So well be bust for the next couple of days digging up our yard to get it ready for the new crops. I have not had much success with gardens in the past but maybe this year will be a like the seven years of healthy crops. (Smile)

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  1. We love the color poem. The coaster is a treasure. Good luck with the garden.