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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A good day

(This is a science picture)

The devotion today was about “being on the lookout.” It’s National Weather Observer’s Day. Imagine what the world would be like today if we didn’t have weather forecasters. We’ve become so dependant on the weather channel or new reports for our forecast to be prepared. There was another time way back when Jesus urged his followers to be vigilant. To be on constant watch for Jesus to come back. Now the question is will we be prepared? It means to be caught by Jesus doing God‘s will and working faithfully.

We read chapters 43-45 in the book of Genesis today. Chapter 43 was when Joseph’s brothers returned to Egypt with Benjamin and the “stolen” money from the first purchase of grain. Joseph invited them to his palace. They presented the “stolen” money and new money for a second purchase of grain. They had a feast at Joseph’s palace. Chapter 44 was where Joseph had the palace manager place Joseph’s silver drinking cup in Benjamin’s sack. The 11 brother were on their way back to Canaan when Joseph had them chased down. They found the “stolen” cup in Benjamin’s sack. Judah tried his best to protect Benjamin. He even asked to swap places with Benjamin and to be the palace slave, if Joseph would only let Benjamin go back to his father’s house. In chapter 45 Joseph identified himself to his brothers. All was well with all of them. The Pharaoh invited Joseph’s family to come live in Egypt while there was still a famine. Jacob was of course overjoyed. I was going to stop at chapter 44 but JD chanted, “More bible, more bible!” (I love this time with JD. Kind of almost makes up for the deployments.)

We finished the math EOG today. He did the last 25 questions on the test. He scored a 68% but still without any review from January. I found today that he was a bit distracted. (But he also snuggled up with me doing his test.) I asked if he took his pill and he said, “Yes.” I had to assist him with some easy questions today so I counted those as incorrect. When I put yesterday’s score with today’s score he made a combined score of 70%. The next couple of days we will review and we should be able to pull that score way up. The EOG has five goals. They are 1.) numbers and operations 2.) measurements 3.) geometry 4.) data and statistics 5.) algebra. My friend also gave me five additional quizzes that each focus on one of those five goals. So by the middle of next week we should have that EOG score way up.

The social studies lesson today was on the Rocky Mountain states, the Southeastern states, and the Pacific Coast states. We identified them on an outline map and learned a few facts about them. Next is “River” studies. He also took a chapter quiz that covered two lessons, as usual, and he scored a 90%.

It had been a good day until I said, “Today we’re writing a short letter in cursive.” For the email/snail mail lesson I had him write a short snail mail letter. There’s such a big difference between his print and cursive. I’ll probably just have him concentrate on cursive. Although, the first sentence in his letter today was “I hate cursive.” (Maybe plan “B”. Anyone have a plan “B?”)

On Sunday I talked with my friend who gave me the outdated EOG tests and expressed to her my concerns for JD’s English/Reading skills. Stating, “I’ve spent a lot of time catching JD up on math, but I’ve had to take baby steps in English. We’ve spend most of our time on Reading comprehension.” She said, “Most of the test is comprehension. They took out the grammar part.” (Another God thing? I think so.) So we started our Reading EOG today. There are six passages to read and 44 questions to answer. It is all comprehension. I read three passages to JD and he answered 20 questions and he only missed one question. Yippie! We’ll do the other part of the test on Thursday.

Science was so absolute COOL today. We explored the history of ice cream, the chemistry of ice and salt and exothermic (outside heating) reactions. WHAT? We made homemade ice cream and it tasted great! The recipe for one scoop size of ice cream is: 1 tablespoon sugar, 1/2 cup milk or half & half, 1/4 teaspoon vanilla. Here’s what you do: 1.) Fill a gallon sized zip-lock bag half full of ice cubes, and add a ½ cup of rock salt (coarse salt works too.) Seal the bag. 2.) Put milk, vanilla, and sugar into a sandwich sized zip-lock bag, and seal it. 3.) Place the small bag inside the large bag, and seal the large bag back up. 4.) Shake until the mixture is ice cream, which takes about 5 minutes. Enjoy!

We worked on the garden today. It’s about half plowed and 2/16ths of the way planted. (Do you like the way I used fractions? ) We had to put that weed stopping black plastic stuff down first. We planted our corn, three bean plants, and I think cucumbers. It’s all a blur. But I’ll know what it is for sure in a couple of weeks. I wrote it all down on graph paper but we only planted the strong things and are letting the others rest back in the starter thingy. (Technical huh?)

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