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Friday, April 16, 2010

Fun writing day

Today is National Stress Awareness day, so says our daily devotion. It started out by talking about stress cracks in bridges. If they are not fixed the bridge may collapse. It’s the same things in our daily lives. What with work, school, relationships, etc. We have to deal with them or face the consequences. The bible says in 1 Peter 5:7, “Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about what happens to you.” God cares more about our life situations more than we do, and he’s always there to help.

Today in Genesis we read chapter 15 in which God made a covenant with Abram about the number of descendants Abram would have and the land Abram would be given. Then, in chapter 16 Sarai and Abram took matters into their own hands and had a son from Sarai’s servant. (Not what God meant to happen.) But God blessed Hagar and her soon to be son Ishmael. In chapter 17 God renamed Abram to Abraham and Sarai to Sarah. God also confirmed his covenant with Abraham about having their own child, not just Ishmael. Oh yeah, there was also the small detail about all the names having been circumcised. Abraham was circumcised at age 99. Ouch!

The math lesson today was not that tough. It was about graphs. More specifically it was about bar graphs. It identified the labels and axis’s. JD got mad when he answered the first question incorrectly and was mad for most of the lesson. Later I asked him why he gets mad in the “learning” mode and he said, “Because I don’t like to be wrong.” (I wonder of perfectionist are born or developed. I tend to be a perfectionist but have never told JD being wrong is bad.) So we struggled through the bar graphs because the information was hard to decipher for him. If it wasn’t on the line JD had a hard time making out the number. I think there was glitch in the quiz because I thought for sure that two answers were correct and we did guess at one answer about percentages, but two others were also marked as incorrect. So we only scored a 50% on the quiz. Yoinks! That’s the worst score yet. I’ll have JD review the lesson with Jeff to see where we messed up. Mission accomplished. Jeff reviewed the lesson with JD and they both took the test together and got 90% but there was a glitch and it should have been 100%.

Today I combined keyboarding with the edit/rewrite lesson. I started out typing a story about a grasshopper who didn’t like where he lived. Then I tagged JD with “Tag you’re it” again. (I started this because it speeds up his typing skills and sentence writing.) He quickly finished his sentence and came towards me. I asked if there was an adjective in the sentence. He went back and put one in the sentence. Then came back after me to tag me. This went on and on. This time we stayed indoors and hid throughout the house. Let me tell you there are just certain places a grown woman should not hide. Places like the top of the freezer, in the washer and dry room on top of the washer, and possibly the most painful was the VERY SMALL coat closet in our front door hallway. I hid in there and left the door cracked for light. Okay, the truth is I didn’t fit in it correctly in the time allotted to hide. I could easily be one of those women who advertise the flexible sanitary napkins. I didn’t think I was THAT flexible. I contorted my body in ways that should be illegal. The worst was when I was in the closet and got a toe cramp. I thought I would scream out! But that would give away my position and there was no way I could do that. I guess the 21 years of military training came in handy. I had only a sliver of room to slowly grabbed my foot and bent it. JD finally found me. Thank goodness I thought I would freeze that way. JD got me real good by hiding in the towel closet and jumping out on me. I of course screamed.

The health lesson was about safety. We discussed bicycle, car, and swimming safety. He seemed a bit annoyed but with the repeat lesson but I think "You can't teach safety enough.

The spelling test wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I didn't remind him at all this week to study his words and he pulled off a 70% on the quiz. I asked him if he was happy with that grade and he not so reluctantly said, "Yes." I said ok and went with it.

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