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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Love those half days

Today was deemed a half day. JD had a doctor’s appointment at 8:10 AM, for a medication refill, and we didn’t get home until around 9:30 AM. Then, I noticed the internet was down as well as the cable. I called Jeff to let him know Faith Christian Academy was experiencing some technical difficulties. They are doing some underground work at the start of our subdivision and I think they cut the stink cable AGAIN! (Last night the internet and cable were both down for a period of time.) Then I was kind of stuffy in my head and took a Sudifed to try to clear it up. This only made me sleepy. So I laid down for a nap.

But before, during, and after all of that we did manage to do a couple of things. We did his devotion. Today’s devotion was about, Ollie, the first flying cow, back in 1930. It talked about how the cow would explain to the herd what it saw from THAT perspective. Then it transitioned to God seeing all of us at once too. So when he tells us about life, the future, how to live, or anything else, we ought to listen carefully.

We did not do the Purpose Driven Life reading today because of my stuffy head. Whenever I speak it muffles really loud in my left ear. And since I’m the one that reads that book, I opted not to today.

The internet finally came back up at about 10:45 AM and we were able to do more algebra. Today was more of what I know. If n=3 then what’s 3n-1. The “3” and the “n” right beside it means multiple 3 x 3 = 9. So 9-1 =8. We only did one math lesson today since we were already behind schedule. He took a quiz and scored well.

Next, we did civics. We’re still working on Economic issues and the lemonade stand. Today they talked about finding ways to make more of a profit. That would be things like sell more or find cost cutting measures. They also taught him variable costs and fixed costs. (That should come in handy when he buys a house or gets a credit card.) So today's lesson was fun for him and he scored well on the quiz too.

Email/snail mail and language arts were both ignored today. That’s about he time I was getting really sleepy. ** Side note, I did a rough count over a couple of days on how much coffee I drink a day. DON’T FREAK OUT! It’s a startling number. (20) I know! I didn’t think I was THAT bad of a junkie. It must be all those years from the military and working those crazy hours. Ok, I know some of you are whispering, she needs to cut back now! I’m working on it.

With all the party preparations I’ve had to turn my kitchen into a chemistry lab. After all it all about the explosions right? No, actually we’ve been doing lots of experiments. We’ve made silly putty, elephant’s toothpaste, a six layer liquid density thingy and added red water to a rose. The flowers are looking cool. Yes, I’ve been taking pictures.

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