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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It was an easy, fun, and good day

The devotion today was about the umbrella. It is good for protection against rain and the sun when you’re at the beach. Then it told us how God protected David from a lion and a bear. He was protected when he faced Goliath. He was protected when fighting the enemy. He’ll do the same for us if we trust Him, talk to Him, and turn over our concerns to Him.

The Purpose Driven Life reading was about Protecting Our Church. We are to be unified. I love that in Jesus’ final moments before being arrested he prayed passionately for our unity. It was in his uppermost thought during those agonizing hours. We can be united by focusing on what we have in common vs. our differences. We are to encourage rather that criticize. I have been guilty of this a time or two. But where I never tried to get involved was gossiping. You know those things secretly disguised as “prayer requests.” The next thing was practicing God’s method for conflict resolution. The last thing was supporting our pastor and leaders.

Again today Jonathan claimed he didn’t know how to subtract mixed numbers. Yesterday we subtracted fraction and today we just added a whole number to the beginning of the fraction. (Breath…re-teach the first step…) I promised him he could go straight to the quiz and score a 100%, but he wanted to go through the lesson so we did. Once he “remembered” he knew how to do the problems we were rolling again. I’m amazed he can “hold” that many numbers and processes in his head. I absolutely have to write it out or I will loses numbers somewhere. (Maybe they’re with the missing sock pile.) He did score a 100% on the quiz. One thing about his explanation to me today was weird to me. We had to reduce 4 & 9/12ths down to the simplest form. So that would be 4 & ¾. I did it by dividing 3 into 9 and got 3, then 3 into 12 and got 4. JD did 3+3+3 and above it and in the physical picture in his mind he saw a 1 above each 3 and counted the 1’s until he reached 3. Seems lengthy but whatever works.

Today for “Word Bank” I had him look up flippant, fretful, and feigned. He had to give me a definition and sentence. He did this while I was getting a shower. The sentence he used for fretful…I was overly fretful about my dad in the hospital. (This confused me. He didn’t seem too worried the last time Jeff went to the hospital. Either that or he covered it up really well. He‘s always concerned but maybe he shelters his worries from me.)

I found an awesome website that I can type in whatever I want and it produces a traceable cursive sheet for him. So today he wrote a cute story using five out of ten spelling words. It was about a teacher teaching class and he plastic decoy duck came alive and ate her license. Then it choked and died. (Don’t worry he’s not morbid he incorporated the words: decoy, identity, cemetery, reality, and temporary.)

We had a lot of errands to run today so we listened to a children’s worship CD and sang to it for our music time.

Today during lunch we watched the “History Channel.” They were discussing different states again. Today he learned out Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Arizona, New Mexico, and Vermont.

So today was an easy, fun, and good day. After my errands JD and I went to the church to help Jeff cook for the annual Youth Valentines Dinner. I only really helped with the desserts and serving. Jonathan helped out with drinks and so much more. Then we had a very long choir practice for Women’s Day, regular Sunday Service, and the upcoming Easter Cantata. My voice is now strained. (I’m sure JD will be happy if I can’t speak tomorrow.)

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