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Thursday, February 11, 2010

100% Fun day!

While it was hard to get the “night owl” up I did manage to wake him. Apparently at 5:20 am he was asking his daddy if he could play his computer game. I asked what he was doing up at 5:20 am. He replied, “Eating.”

Since he woke up late we got started late and that meant he will read independently for 30 minutes today. But I did do our devotion together. It talked about Thomas Edison again. Only this time it talked about the light bulb being connected to a power source. Everything electrical needs a power source. The same is true for people. Only our (my) power source is God and the Holy Spirit.

Since fractions seem to be rather easy for JD I told him again that he would probably be able to do the quiz without the lesson. Today was multiplying fractions. I just had to jump start him on the first problem to jar his memory. (I was getting the deer in the headlight look.) After understanding the directions he whizzed straight to the quiz. He scored a 100% on the quiz.

The civics lesson talked about the consumers choices. It was a short lesson and after he completed that lesson there was a chapter test. He easily answered all the questions correctly scoring another 100%.

I received a prayer request email from a friend. It asked for prayer for an injured soldier in Washington D.C. Then it listed a snail mail address and said if we wanted to we could send a not of encouragement. So I dictated a snail mail letter for JD and he drew a medal for the soldier. This soldier was hit by an IED and had already had 6 surgeries and is scheduled for #7 on 12 Feb. The medal Jonathan drew was a silver star. This brought a tear to my eye and I had to turn away so he wouldn't see. (I love how genuinely caring our son is.)

I had JD do his language arts lesson on "Inference" (assume the conclusion) while I showered. He was a bit more distracted today doing his lesson on his own. It took a couple of times for me to say "Go do your lesson and focus." He had another quiz to attack. And yes, he scored ANOTHER 100%. (What a good day to boost self esteem and self confidence.)
Science was so much fun today. We started and completed a full science experiment and wrote the report about it. We saw on "Myth Busters" where they tested if a piece of paper could be folded more than seven times. So We did the same thing only expanded our test objects a bit. We tested eight flat objects made from different natural resources such as: paper, material, and metal. (Paper, bed sheet, handkerchief, toilet paper, wax paper, and aluminum foil.) Half of the objects folded eight times. One object folded seven times and then stopped; and three objects only folded a maximum of six times. It didn’t matter if the objects were square or rectangle. It also didn’t matter if we started folding from top to the bottom and then right to left. The number of folds was the same. JD’s hypothesis was half correct, because only half of the flat objects tested actually folded more than seven times.

I forgot to tell you, yesterday was our first library field trip. I get free membership through the Pope Air Force Base library. JD picked up two books. One huge Charlie Brown comic strip book and another war book from the adult section. He's a real book worm.

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  1. Interesting Science lesson today.
    Is JD required to read a certain # of books per ?