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Friday, August 31, 2012

Holy Mercury!

Todays unforgetful memory will be...drum roll please...

I was having JD prepare the needed items for our science lesson to include the thermometer. When I went back to the computer after handing him the thermometer and saying you NEVER want to break a thermometer because its poisonous...I heard glass break and a stressed out child apologizing profusely. I went in and picked up two pieces of thermometer. From what I can see the mercury never made it out of the bottom of the thermometer. All I could do to “clean” the mess was wipe the floor with tissue. I did not see any mercury on the tissue.

I let JD know I was not mad at him. Accidents happen...Jeff's response...was "I’ve broken plenty of thermometers, at least it wasn’t a rectal one taking his temp… LOL"

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