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Thursday, February 24, 2011

A migraine day

Today was another migraine day. (99% of that was because I cried on and off all day.)

Similar to the one I ordered
On Tuesday my mom called me telling me my grandmother was not doing well and she and my dad were flying to Massachusetts. A couple of months ago Nana fell and broke her hip. After her surgery she was moved to a Rehabilitation Home. I guess she became stubborn about eating and drinking. (What? My family stubborn?) Anyway, I began praying Tuesday at around 2 pm. I was not praying for her health to miraculously turn around; after all she’s in her late 80’s. I was praying for her eternal salvation. Around 9 pm Tuesday my mom called and asked if I had been praying. I told her “yes” and the reason behind my prayers. My mom said my grandmother was sitting up in her bed eating, drinking, and laughing (smile.) I got another call Wednesday saying she did not wake up all day. Today I got the dreaded call; my grandmother passed away at 8 am today.

The devotion today told us the difference between a mistake and a sin. It is possible to make a mistake and not sin. They would be things like: forgetting a person’s name, hurting someone’s feelings without meaning to, or losing a field trip permission slip. It is also possible to sin without making a mistake. They would be things like: calling someone a name, meaning to hurt someone’s feelings, or hiding a permission slip because they didn’t want to go. To fix a mistake we simply have to apologize and not feel guilty or ashamed. When we sin, we should feel guilty or remorseful. We then need to admit our mistake, ask God to forgive us, correct any effects of our sin, and choose to make better choices. God doesn’t expect us never to make mistakes, but be does command us to avoid sin.

In the AWANA book today JD learned that because of the Lord Jesus Christ, he is loved. He only memorized Romans 5:8 today. Then, there was a code to follow to get answers to blanks spots. It said, “You can’t even imagine how much the Lord Jesus Christ loves you. Remember this when you’re at school, church, home, at the dentist, on vacation.”

Today’s math lesson was designed to be easy but I think we made it harder than it needed to be. It was finding the correct way to set up a proportion and solving the equation to find the missing percent from word problems. Our problem was setting up the proportions incorrectly. They kept asking three basic questions. For example “What is 30% of 60?” and “28 is what percent of 140?” and “54 is 60% of what number?” Each question has it’s own proportion. I know some of you are thinking it’s not that hard, but for me it is terribly difficult. JD seemed to get it much easier than I did. He scored a 90% on the quiz.

Even though I didn’t feel like cleaning today I still had a commitment to follow through with. I cleaned and came home to Sarah cooking dinner for us. (Thanks so much Sarah.)

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