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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A good day

Today was a good day.  I'm amazed at how well JD is doing on his independant writing assignments.  It's been considerable easier since he's been taking vitamins. 

The devotion today was about the umbrella of God’s protection. It asked JD to send two friends out in the rain. The instructions were to send one with an umbrella and one without an umbrella. The experiment was to see which one would get the wettest. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know the answer to that question. Nor does it take a rocket scientist to figure out that under the safety of God’s umbrella is the safest place for us to remain in life. Following His commands saves us from the unpleasant consequences of breaking a command.

Today in the AWANA book JD learned that God cares about him. He memorized three verses to back up that statement. Then, he had an AWANA challenge to write his testimony. I combined this lesson with language arts. The testimony page in the AWANA book had questions to prompt JD about what to write. He wrote: I was saved in Jan 2007. My mom and dad were with me. I got saved because I felt like I needed to. I wanted to be like my parents. (Three reasons he is glad he knows Christ as his savior.) 1.) Because I get to tell others about Christ. 2.) Because I am going to go to heaven to see Jesus. 3.) Because I am a child of God.

Next I gave him a very short writing assignment for a card came in the mail for our sponsor child in Africa. I had him write a short message to Happy on a pre-made Easter card that we just mail back to them after signing it.

Good news for JD…David, the AWANA missionary, wrote back to JD. He was very encouraging and I think having a “younger” guy telling him how to cope with the parts of the AWANA program he doesn’t like was helpful. David compared game time to pizza. He said, “Pizza is fun and tastes good, but you can’t live off pizza. (Bummer!)” Then he said, “Maybe council time is more like broccoli. It may not taste as good, but it’s really important to keep us healthy and over time maybe you start to enjoy it.” He also suggested JD say a prayer to God before AWANA’s to “stay focused on what you can teach me during the lesson. It’s hard to pay attention, but help me eat my broccoli.” (I like this guy!) I showed JD how the letter was signed…“Your missionary and friend”

The T4L website is finally closing out our math quizzes. Thank goodness. It was getting confusing for both of us to figure out where we left off and where to start. I had to go back and complete one quiz so it would close out the whole section. Today’s lesson was about changing a percentage to a decimal and back again. Then from a percent to a fraction to a percentage and back again. Why can’t I recall this information from last year. Typically, if it didn’t happen yesterday I can’t remember it. But let it be some stupid trivia like the number of noses a slug has, the first UPC label on a product, or the letters on a zipper and I can commit that to memory. (By the way…4…Wrigley’s gum, and YKK.)

Unfortunately, because of my routine doctor appointment for a medication renewal, we did not do science or social studies today.

JD read the book Hoot for his required 30 minutes. He keeps begging to watch the movie and I said, “Not until you finish that book. Once you finish we can utilize school time to watch the movie.”

After my afternoon doctor's appointment JD and I went toWal-Greens get passport pictures for my international driver's licence.  (We're going to Europe you know?) Thank you Lyndell. (Smile)  I also pick up a Calcium, Magnesium, and Zinc supplement.  We'll see if that tackles the hyper activity and impulsive behaviors like the research  shows. 

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