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Thursday, January 27, 2011

It was a busy day

It was a busy fast paced school day. Then I cleaned for 2 ½ hours. The last part of my day included hooking up the Wi-Fi connection. It’s kind of cool to sit on my bed and post blog or search the net.

The devotion today was about learning respect. The grandfather was teaching the grandson how to cut wood with a hand saw. The golden rule to this is “measure twice, cut once.” The grandfather taught how to hold the wood and the saw. He said, “Above all keep your fingers away from the saw” as he held up his hand two fingers were significantly shorter than the rest. One of the reasons God gave us parent and grandparent is so we can learn from their experiences. That’s why God commands us to honor our parents. He knows their experiences have taught them a thing or two. Respect is important to God because it’s a part of who He is.

We did not do anything in the AWANA book today.

Today was another day to skip the lessons and press on through the quizzes. The first quiz was about reasonable customary measurements. JD scored a 90% on that quiz. We did another one on customary time and temperatures. He scored a 100% on that one. Not bad for one day.

JD did T4L today for language arts. He did two lesson and two quizzes on the following homophones: stares/stairs, pairs/pares/pears, right/write/rite, idol/idle, patients/patience, ferry/fairy, and cite/site/sight. He scored a 100% on one quiz and a 75% on the other when I walked about to fold laundry. But he know how to spell most of them. (Smile)

For social studies today we started watching a show on the History channel about the possible location of Hell on earth. The show took us to different locations around the world to show us legendary volcanoes, geysers and fault lines found in Iceland, Mexico, Greece, Italy and Japan. They appear to descend into another reality -- an underworld deep within the earth. In some cases, they have been seen as 'hell mouths'. They investigated each of these places and revealed the geological reasons they evoked such fear and awe. We didn’t watch it very long. JD asked me a very unusual question after watching about Hell. He asked, "What happens to Siamese twins when they die, if one is a Christian and the other is not." Truth be told I told him I would research it and get back to him. I finally responded with, "The body is left here on earth but God takes care of the souls. The soul of the saved Siamese twin would go to heaven while unfortunately the other goes to hell." What the History Channel focused on was the pain and torment that goes on in Hell, but failed to mention the eternal separation from God for not accepting His son as our savior. I made sure JD knew that would be the worst part of Hell.

I cleaned my client’s house today and JD read his book Hoot for thirty minutes.

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