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Monday, January 3, 2011

A good half day

Today was only a half day.  It was terribly hard to get the staff member and student of the Faith Christian Academy Lions out of bed after the two week vacation, but we finally got up.  I wanted to ease JD back into school so I only had him perform a half day. 

JD and I started a new 1 year devotional book.  It’s called Youth Devotions by Josh McDowell.  It will have different themes for all 12 months.  January’s theme is the Ten Commandments.  Today JD learned about “right” and “wrong.”  We read the suggested passages of Judges 17:1-6 where it said, “In those days Israel had no king, so the people did whatever seemed right in their own eyes.”  It was written like a TV interview and engaged JD for the few minutes we read it and talked about it. 

JD read for more than 30 minutes today.  He started a new book that he received for Christmas.  It’s called Hoot by Carl Hiaasen.  It’s about a young boy named Roy Eberhardt moves to Florida where he takes on the burden of helping to save the burrowing owls by stopping the planned construction on the piece of land where they live. Not only does he do so, but he makes friends, helps those friends exposes the dishonesty of the companies involved and their disregard for the environment. Through this, he becomes a mature young man. There’s also a movie about it that I will rent when JD finishes the book.  What a treat it will be for JD to see that books are much better than movies. 

Thank goodness today is the last day of charting lessons in math.  Today JD learned about double bar and line graphs. Again, he asked, “Why do we have to learn this?  I already know it.”  (I didn’t have a good answer for his question other than, “Because it’s the next lesson in a line of lessons.  Let’s just press though it.  He scored a 90% on the quiz because he misread a question. 

I forgot to bring the language arts lesson with me when I left for my cleaning job so JD had a really good and easy school day, not to mention I did too. 

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