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Friday, January 14, 2011

Travel agency & other errands

We had a very busy day of nothing but errands to do. First, we went to Pope AFB to get Jeff a new Dependant Identification card since his expired. I also got a new Retired Identification card since mine was so difficult for everyone to read. Jeff used to call it my cartoon card. I had an especially hard time picking up medications because all of the volunteers are “older” people that can’t see that good anyway. But add to the fact that the digital emblem rested right on my social security number. They would turn the card this way and that way and finally give up and ask me my social security number. Real tight rules for prescriptions huh?

Then, we headed of to the Ft. Bragg BX in search of the promised toy for JD. We stopped at the Mini-Mall on Bragg to have lunch. It was nice for all three of us to sit together during a “work” day to talk and laugh, and just be together Next, we visited the Travel Agency. The trip to the travel agency was more frustrating than anything. I went looking for flight information and answers to my list of question and got a sales pitch on a "package deals." But I did walk out with four magazines full of pictures and ideas. Jeff told me later that the travel agency people work on commission. (Duh, I should have guessed.)

Our last stop was back on Pope AFB for JD and Jeff’s medications. Then, we came home again. I've spent approximately five hours this evening researching flights from three US locations to Dublin looking for the best deal. I also checked into hotels, car rentals, and International Driver‘s License regulations since we want nothing to do with being tied to a coach bus tour. We want to be free to make our own choices.
Greg and I are in charge of the details for the vacation. Greg is handling the hotel reservations and it looks like he’s hooking us up with great deals. I asked him if we could stay at a castle hotel overnight and he’s looking into that. I got the idea from the travel agency lady who said she stayed at a castle hotel and attended a medieval dinner.

March 10th will be here before we know it. I’m getting really excited now!

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