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Monday, November 1, 2010

A busy day

It was a busy day of chasing, corralling, and holding grand babies.  Add in a vet appointment that proved Sarah and Daniel's puppy has Parvo.  All this was going on at the start of our school day, during our school day, and after our school day.  Did I mention football pictures were today too?  It was a good 1/2 day for JD but HIGHLY distractable.

Home schooling has taken on a new level of distraction for JD. We went into my bedroom to do our devotion, because by then Suri was up and very “talkative.” The devotion today was called Men Make Dinner day! The devotion made them look like oafs in the kitchen. It was so off target. All the Hyder men I know CAN cook. Thank goodness. I have offered to “cook” a healthy dinner, but neither of my guys want a salad. (Hah/ha) Then, the devotion transitioned into Jesus making a meal for over 5,000 people with just two fish and five loaves of bread. So the next time you are given an impossible assignment - don’t panic…let Jesus in on it.

JD’s Odyssey book was stuck in Jeff’s truck so I had him read a short book on the Pony Express. He read that for a short time before we headed off to the vet with Sarah and Daniel’s Chihuahua puppy named Ruca.

The vet confirmed what I feared….Parvo. That’s a highly contagious virus that if left unattended WILL result in death and the cost of hospitalization can run upwards to $500-900. I don’t know about you guys but since autumn arrived all my money has fallen off my money tree. I requested the Dr allow us take Ruca home and I would care for her. That means giving medicines and hydrating her via a saline bag. Since I have previous vet experience she agreed. So now every 4-6 hours I hydrate Ruca by placing a needle in her skin by her back and filling the spot under her skin with water. She looks like a little camel. (smile) I also have to give her the meds twice a day. In just 8 hours of treatment she was able to eat beef baby food. (The Dr recommended that.) We have our fingers crossed that Ruca pulls through this. In the mean time my two dogs are either kept in the garage/yard, or my room, because I do not want to take any chances with cross contamination or airborne transmission.

When we got back from the vet we pushed through a short and easy math lesson. It re-taught JD about prime and composite numbers. We breezed through the lesson while Sarah entertained her two “students” in the playroom (old classroom.) JD fully understood the lesson and pressed onto the quiz. He scored a 100%.

My house cleaning client called today asking if I could clean tomorrow since she’d just arrived back from her business trip and desperately wanted a nap. I agreed and JD and I did a short language arts lesson on the couch. It was difficult because Suri wanted on the couch too and kept bumping JD’s hand as he wrote. I asked if he wanted to move but he said, “No.” JD had to identify what resource to use to obtain information on various subjects. His options were: dictionary, encyclopedia, almanac, atlas, newspapers /magazines, or non-fiction books. He was all over this lesson. He also learned to spell encyclopedia by singing a song I learned as a child. The next part of the lesson was learning to take notes on important information. The story was about Native North Americans and the ways to scare away crows. Dispite the distractions he did a GREAT job writing complete sentences.

Because our day was already jumbled up with new people, appointments, and chaos we did not do a social studies or science lesson today.

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  1. I'm thinking he got a lot of SOCIAL studies today! A deep breath for all and enjoy the days, they go by far too quickly!