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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


It was a rough night last night. Suri vomited late last night and JD was had two nightmares AND his tongue (bumps) were hurting really bad too. So Sarah and I were basically the walking dead today. Suri seems to have gotten better as there was no vomiting today. JD’s tongue calmed down. However, school was kept to a minimum today for recovery for both JD and me.

We started with devotion. I have learned in the past that if I don’t do the devotion and talk with God at the start of our day, Satan sneaks in as a disruptive student. The devotion was about Family Stories. The ones that start out “When I was your age…” or Did I ever tell you about the time…” We love telling stories in this family. It is always a great source of laughter and family bonding. Moses was told by God, “You will be able to tell wonderful stories to your children and grandchildren.” Telling God’s stories helps us to encourage people during difficult times, strengthen other’s faith, and builds trust in God. So if you’re a part of God’s family get our there and become a story teller.

The math lesson was easy but long. Both JD and I thought it was too long. It was about comparing and ordering fractions. JD did most of it in his head by wondering which one would yield the most pieces (of pizza or pie) to eat. And he was right most of the time. I on the other hand did it the mathematical way by finding the common denominator and working through my problem. Funny how God designed my little guy. (It sounds funny to type little.)

Speaking of being little, JD made mention today that he was sweating while sitting still. Can anyone say, “Possibly the beginning of puberty?

The language arts lesson today was looking at a rough draft from 4 Nov. called Tuesday’s Football Practice. He hand wrote it the other day and I typed it up today. I typed it exactly like he wrote it. With 9 spelling error, 5 capitalization errors, and 2 punctuation errors. He could easily see the spelling errors underlined in red and fixed most of them. We looked up the word “axadinteley” (accidentally) so he could see the correct spelling because of word processing had no spelling suggestions. So we edited his paper and printed out the final copy. I really think we made progress today and we did it with a positive non-criticizing way.

Because we were in lack-of-sleep-recovery-mode today we did not do science, social studies, or reading lessons.
Kick-off team

Football - Well what can I say? Our Tar Heels came to the end of their season. Tonight was the first game of the playoffs. The Tar Heels scored 7 points in the second half and the Raiders scored a total of 21 points on us. According to Jeff, “The offensive line just wasn’t blocking." JD did well on the kick-off team.  Even though the game was 21-0 the coaches (Jeff) started rotating the players in and out so everyone got a chance to play. JD went in and blocked the best he could and even made a tackle! 

Offensive team
Player down (Oh wait that's my child!)

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