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Thursday, October 28, 2010

A good productive day

The devotion today was about the Statue of Liberty (as a symbol of freedom.) The cross is now a symbol for freedom too. I am free from the penalty of eternal separation from God because Jesus paid the penalty on the cross. You would be amazed at all of the crosses you see all around when you drive. The next time you see a telephone pole remember Jesus’ cross. Where else can you see a cross?

The math lesson today was about divisibility rules for the numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, and 10. I won’t list the rules because 1.) you don’t really care and 2.) because you won’t remember them all. JD has a grasp on the divisibility rules so that’s all that matters. I also received another clue into the mind of my child today. He told me how he pictures each number and what color he see them as. I’m still trying to understand if this was a past vision or a present thing. He told me he has been seeing numbers this was since age six. Anyway here they are:
1 (white) little kid that plays
2 (black) little kid that plays
3 (green) the girl in the 1 & 2 group
4 (yellow) dude that hangs out with 5, doesn’t like 6
5 (orange) dude that hangs out with 4, best friends with 6
6 (blue) best friends with 5
7 (red) bully to 6, 5, 4
8 (purple) big & buff woman
9 (pink) fancy woman
10 (grey) grandpa

Today in science we learned about matter. Matter is anything that has mass and takes up space. There are three groups of matter and they are: element, compound, and mixture. Examples of elements are oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon. There is only one ingredient in an element. The second group is compound. Most of the matter in our world is compound. That is two or more ingredients that are joined together and cannot be taken apart easily, like water and sugar. The third group is mixture. It too is made up of two or more ingredients that are mixed together and are easy to take apart, like cereal and milk or trail mix. All matter has observable properties. A property is a characteristic we use to identify something, like color, smell, or sound. So now you know what we know about matter. Does it matter at all to you?

I had JD read for thirty minutes while I was at my cleaning job. I used JD’s language arts time to have him color each number from 1-10. I was curious how he pictured each of them. I plan to have Jeff scan this picture on Monday.

We did not do a social studies lesson today.

JD and I left from my cleaning job to drive to Tennessee. As most of you know Sarah, Suri, and Isabella will be staying with our family for a few months. So this set up should make for very interesting days to come for all of us. Prayers during these next few months would be greatly appreciated.

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