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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Game 7 vs the Raiders

Today the Tar Heels met with the Raiders again and ran all over them.  Our 1st scrimmage game of the year was against the Raiders (and we won then too!) 

The final score of today's game was 26-6.  The Tarheels won.  JD did great!

 In the top picture JD is behind the kid with the red shirt on.  We had to look for shoes or black arm pads to find him.  This particular picture was taken just before the pile of kids (and ball) were getting ready to move forward for some yards. I wished my camera was quicker so I could catch more sequence pictures.  Because the next thing I saw was JD and the others pushing the ball and pile of boys back and jd landed on top of the pile.  The Raiders were pushed back two yards. 

The bottom picture surprized me when I saw it.  JD broke free from the blockers and was well on his way to reaching the quarterback.  JD told me some kids was holding his arms and shirt to keep a hold of him.  This was one of those times. 

JD had a great game for the short amount of time he played.  I hope he'll get to play more now that one conference is under thier belts.  The next game is 6 Nov at 10 am. 

Three teams tied for first place in this particular conference.


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