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Friday, October 22, 2010

A good half day

Today was a half day of sorts. We did realize until ½ the day was gone that public school had a teacher’s workday and the neighborhood kids were not in school. JD was out playing in the yard when a friend of his came by with her dogs. She told JD that they were out of school today. JD promptly found me while wiping the dirt off his shirt and bare chest saying, “She’s out of school today so we can stop our school too.” (He actually TOLD me this….he didn’t ASK.) But, JD did so good with all his lessons this week that I had planned today to be only a half day anyway.

The devotion today had to do with Xerox copies and then moved to the next step of copying a person or cloning. But even identical twins do not have the same DNA. The devotion quickly transitioned into God making us as a one-of-a-kind. AND we don’t have to change our looks or personality to please God. It’s our thoughts and actions that need changed.

JD took his normal thirty minutes to read book number six of this school year. It’s and Odyssey fiction book called Behind the Locked Door. I love that he loves reading now. He even reads in bed…when he’s suppose to be asleep. (smile)

Today in math we learned problem solving. The lesson was called “Guess & Check, Reasonableness.” There was a lot of charting to do in order see if our guess was correct or if it needed another chance on the drawing board. But we did have fun problem solving together. Here’s one of the questions…Joe owns 14 animals total. He owns both horses and chickens. There are 46 legs total. How many horses does Joe own? (Seriously? Just look out in your barn Joe!) Ok, how about this one…Your parents ages have a 2 year difference. The sum of their ages is 84. The product of their ages is 1763. How old is the oldest parent? (I say snoop for a birth certificate.)

We had a fun time making up stories on Wacky Web Tales today for language arts. We put in the needed verbs, nouns, adjectives etc for a story called The Great Dough Disaster. It was a cute story about JD making bread for a lady named Mary. The tale asked for a large number in one of the blanks and JD said, “eight million.” So when the story was completed it read, “I think Mary said to put in eight million packages of yeast.” Well you can just imagine what happened. Yep, the bread kept rising, JD was let go, and he never made bread again. I had JD scribe this out on paper once I printed it. Here’s another positive thing about home school. JD NEVER would have scribed this story in one sitting. He sat right there in his chair and scribed the entire story and it took up the whole front page of paper. AND the penmanship is GREAT! (I love it when I see growth.)

Because JD worked his tail off this week in science and social studies I opted to drop these two lessons.

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