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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Productive day

Today was a pretty good day. Other than the tone JD takes with me occasionally I think we’re settling in to school mode. I was VERY productive today both in school and my household duties. I managed to teach 5 lessons, AND clean my house, AND mow the entire front yard, AND exercise, AND cook dinner, AND make homemade chocolate chip cookies, AND type my blog. (Sorry ladies…I’ve set the bar pretty high.) Now I don’t mean to make any of you jealous, but I still fit into my earrings from high school. (Tee/hee)

Today we started the day our with our devotion first. Amazing how when you put God first how smooth things will go from there. It almost felt like cruise control today. (However, my body feels like I was hit by a train.) From the devotion JD went into his math lessons. I’ve doubled up on the easy lessons so if we need to take extra time for the more difficult lessons we can. JD starts out with a worksheet with less than 10% of the problems highlighted. No sense boring him with repetition if he already knows how to do it. So today he reviewed rounding and estimating whole numbers and another type of lesson about estimating whole numbers. Thus far he is doing his quizzes independently. So today he scored an 80% on one (10 questions) and had to take the other one three times in order to score a 90% (with my help.) The problem was using “compatible” numbers. I won’t bore you with the details of compatible numbers, I‘ll just say its STUPID. No one does math that way!

From math we went to social studies. We almost completed our homemade globe. We’ve glued the yarn on for the latitude and longitude lines, as well as the equator, prime meridian, and the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. Then, I sat with JD to do a review on early map making. Then, the next lesson was global addresses. It talked about degrees, latitude, and longitude. So it all tied in together, AND JD did a hands on project to remember the names of all those lines. We worked together on the chapter quiz and only scored a 70%. I was taught him earlier this week about note taking, but his notes we not real efficient for the quiz. Live and learn.

I instituted an exercise program at Faith. Today after lunch JD and I threw on our shoes. (Both JD and I love being barefoot.) We ran around our front yard and then walked around. Then ran again, and walked again. It didn’t take long at all but my legs were tired.

The science lesson was also hands on today. JD made the solar system (to scale) out of Styrofoam ball halves he painted, and for the asteroid belt he glued pebbles on the black construction paper. We will only spend about one week learning about our solar system.

The last lesson of the day was the English lesson. I’m trying to teach him the proper mechanics of writing, so we started on capitalization since the paper he wrote the other day included many capitalization errors. Then, I had him write three more sentences today. The fist sentence was the topic sentence from his first paragraph from yesterday‘s beach trip writing…etc. He did really well when I allowed him to type but seemed to have forgotten all 12 hours of keyboarding skills learned in the fifth grade. (One step forward, two steps back.) Ugh.

JD’s doctor called today about his blood work. Out of five tubes of blood, the only thing she saw was an increased L.D.L. It was only 105, but it should be under 100. So she suggested minimal fatty foods and EXERCISE! (I’m all over that!)

Well, enough for now…so until tomorrow…

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  1. Glad my hair isn't blond anymore, I would think that was me. Would love to see pictures of the
    globe and solar system. Looking forward to sitting in on some classes.