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Saturday, September 11, 2010

The football scrimmage

Today was the Tar Heel scrimmage in Fayetteville. (Or as JD called it “the skirmish.”) I think they did pretty good. Jeff asked if I was not nervous for JD when he went in. My answer, “No.” I watched him hold his own and do what he was suppose to do. (Stay low and block) I was okay until he became the bottom of the dog pile. There I was a trapped mother bear standing at the fence yelling “Get off!” When I asked JD about what it was like to be at the bottom of a dog pile he said, “I was telling myself ‘there’s the grass.’” He said his feet were free and it was like doing a really hard push-up. I managed to get a few pictures of him, but it’s hard to see him. His number is 53.
(Picture above - JD after getting knocked down - running to help out)

One of the other little guys on the team called Coach Jeff over to let him know one of the boys on the other team had a mustache. Another coach heard this and said, “Oh you mean the kid who drove himself here?” (LOL) There were some boys on the other teams that were as big if not bigger than some of the coaches. One lined up with JD. (Okay now I’m nervous!) JD told me later that the other BIG kid was growling at him. (What?!) Jeff thought it was JD, but later learned it was the BIG guy. (Picture below - JD in his position right in front of the big kid in the orange jersey.) The big guy pushed JD down right off the start but JD got up like he had a spring in his butt and ran for the moving ball. (Don’t make me climb this fence.)

JD is the first person in the line. The only girl on our team is #51 (three people behind JD if you can't see the picture well.)

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