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Friday, September 3, 2010

It was a fun day

We started our day out with our devotion. Then, I moved JD into his math lesson. I used the graph paper again. Weird thing happened here. I had to take extensive notes to figure out how JD was “doing” his multiplication. Turns out he was doing it backwards. If the math problem was 234 x 15, JD would use the top row numbers and multiply them by the bottom row numbers: 4x5, 4x1, then 3x5 and 3x1. Totally backwards. I showed it to Jeff to see if he could interpret for me. He was unable to. I suggested Jeff teach JD multiplication since they talk the same language.
We finished up the other five planets cards in Science today. We also finished the solar system labeling. We learned so much cool information about all those planets. We didn't know Jupiter (16), Saturn (18), Uranus (15), and Neptune (8) had so many moons. We also learned the four planets closest to the sun and inside the asteroid belt were rocks and the planets outside of the asteroid belt were gas planets. The only thing we forgot was the prominent rings of Saturn.

In Social studies today we did a review of the longitude and latitude lines. We also finished the homemade globe. We put degrees labeling on each line and identified all the major lines.

English was probably the easiest for JD. All I had him do was to draw a shield for our school. I already had one that I made on the computer, but I thought it would be cool to have his drawing on our school shirts. Turns out the t-shirt logo would not look good. So says the guy who does t-shirts. I sent one shirt in for a graphic to be applied. If it looks good, then I’ll get the rest made.

There is no school Monday because of Labor day.

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  1. I am impressed. And might I add, he is a beautiful child. Math, wow?