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Friday, May 21, 2010

100 Blog Posts!

Today makes the 100th blog post I've written. I need to get a different hobby. Anyway, we did another random name drawing and Marcie you are the winner. You should be getting something in the mail shortly.
I really missed reading the devotion and bible yesterday and I NEED to remember what’s the most important thing in our lives…that would be God. Today’s devotion was all about the Red Cross and Clara Barton‘s role in establishing the Red Cross. (Hey there’s a social studies lesson here.) First she was a civil war nurse. Then, during her 23 years of Red Cross service she helped aid in the Spanish American war. Then the devotion transitioned into Jesus caring for the poor and sick. His request to his followers was to do the same. When we care for those in need around us, no matter how small or simple an act, its as if we’re giving it directly to Jesus.

We also read one chapter out of the book of Exodus. Chapter seven was about God giving Moses and Aaron the precise instructions about throwing the staff down and it turning out to be a serpent and about the staff being raised above the Nile and turning the Nile and all the water in the land into blood. When Moses and Aaron did this it happened just as God said. When the magicians in Egypt tried to replicate these acts they too were able to perform the same acts. JD asked, “How did they do that?” All I could think of was Satan’s limited power was behind it.

A reminder - I ordered the CAT 5 (complete battery) for JD’s assessment this year to see where he stands and how much information he retained from the past 5 ½ years of public education. So as reported yesterday…today my goal was to research all “social studies” topics I could according to the standard 5th grade teaching curriculum. So I went to the North Carolina website and found two pages of curriculum to be taught to students is 180 days. (TWO PAGES!)

Goal one is geographic concepts of the United States and other countries of North America.
Goal two is analyzing political and social institutions in North America and examine how these institutions respond to human needs, structure society, and influence behavior.
Goal three is examining the roles various ethnic groups have played in the development of the United States and neighboring countries.
Goal four is tracing key developments in the United States history and describe their impact on the land and people of the nation and it’s neighboring countries.
Goal five is to evaluate ways the United States and other countries of North America make decisions about the allocation and use of economic recourses.
Goal six is to recognize how technology has influenced change within the United States and other countries in North America.

In order to teach JD what I needed to I had to research MANY different websites and collect MANY different articles to relearn and teach JD “5th grade Social Studies Basics.”
We taped six pages together and did a timeline covering the time period of 1600-1950‘s. It included:
- important documents or laws
- evolution of US transportation
- any major wars
- and the early settlements through the westward expansion.
* We discussed in length ALL the entries made to each line on the timeline.
* We did a short study on the major tribes of Native American Indians.
* We did a short study on the three branches of government. We talked about what each branch was responsible for and any requirements needed to hold that position in government.
* We discussed the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Emancipation Proclamation, Magna Carta, Mayflower Compact, and a few others…
* We talked about famous people including the famous women of history.

If you didn’t already catch this…I HAD TO RELEARN ALL OF THIS FIRST! (Because I don’t remember ANY of this stuff.) I mean…names sound familiar but I couldn’t place the exact event associated with it. Dates…forget memorizing dates…not going to happen. Important documents to me are my birth certificate, social security card, and retired ID card! And forget wars too…until today I couldn’t tell you who fought who or even why. This stuff never interested me in school, but now I will probably never forget this information. Makes me think I could take a substitute teacher job next year. (NOT!)

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  1. ok...caught up with the blog.
    Oh my, so proud of you for hanging in there this year. It is going to be fine. He will do
    great and so will YOU.