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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The final day of assessments…day 3

The devotion today was about daring to be different. There was a dare devil named Daniel “Spider Man” Goodwin who enjoyed the thrill of scaling huge buildings. Why in the world would he do that? Some people enjoy notararity and fame. Sometimes they just dare to be different. As Christians we are expected to be different from the rest of the world. We’re expected to be different in the way we act toward others, but more specifically the way we show love to others.

We read two chapters from the book of Exodus. Chapter 13 was the dedication of the first born humans and animals to God. Then the Israelites started their long journey of following the cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night all the way to the Promised Land. They camped where God told them to. Chapter 14 is where Pharaoh changed his mind yet again and went in hot pursuit to catch up to the Israelites. What do you know God saved his people by opening up the Red Sea and letting them safely cross. But when the Egyptians tried to cross the waters swallowed them up and killed all of them. Leaving their bodies to rest on the shores.

Today was the final day for assessments. (THANK GOODNESS…I wish those aliens would abduct me for a week.) It was a HIGHLY distractible day. Socks went on hands like mittens, lots of mouth noises, and tags were ripped out of shirts today. Now for what JD did…just kidding…that was all him. The break down of today’s assessments are as follows: There were only 84 minutes of assessments completed today. (It‘s the shortest day thus far.) It took 24 minutes for study skills, 30 for science, and 30 for social studies. We did study skills before lunch and did a science review and social studies review and both assessments after lunch.

The study skills assessment. These are questions asking the student to read and interpret different sources or types of information. Basically, it is to gauge a students “school street smarts.” It includes the following sources: table of contents, map and key, dictionary, graphs, outlines, library catalog cards, and schedules and posters. He did better on this than I thought he would. He only missed 2 out of 30 questions for a possible score of 93%.

The science assessment. This was basic 5th grade Science questions about landforms, weather, force & motion, ecosystems, and the solar system. To the best of my 5th grade science knowledge I recognized only 3 questions as incorrect out of 40 questions. So that leaves him with possible score of 92%.

The social studies assessment. This was basic 5th grade social studies questions about Native Americans, important documents, studying and interpreting crop charts, and other history type questions. Again, to the best of my 5th grade social studies knowledge I recognized 4 out of 40 questions as incorrect leaving JD with a possible score of around 90%.

Test 1 Vocabulary -4 of 40 = 90%
Test 2 Compreh. -4 of 50 = 92%
Test 3 Spelling -13 of 30 = 56%
Test 4 Lang Mech -5 of 36 = 86%
Test 5 Lang Express -4 of 48 = 91%
Test 6 Math comp. -1 of 44 = 97%
Test 7 Math concepts -3 of 50 = 94%
Test 8 Study skills -2 of 30 = 93%
Test 9 Science -3 of 40 = 92%
Test 10 Social Studies -4 of 40 = 90%

Missed 43 questions out of 408 for a composite score of 89.4% WOW! I know I have less hair than Monday…too bad only the gray ones didn’t fall out.

Now we start out relaxation time…school is not “officially” over until 7 June. That will be 180 days of school for this year. But I will still have him working on a few things next week. Things I noticed during the assessments. (Bummer I know.)

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  1. Thank you for the picture. Made me smile all over and sorry, but the mittens and ripped tags
    and whatever made me laugh. Your hair will
    grow back.........