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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Crash course in science

28 May 2010 - Since taking the assessments JD and I have been taking it easy. The only school related things we did today were history and science. JD was held up in my room since his invasion at 12:53am after his night terror episode. He slept in my bed last night and I FINALLY moved out to the couch at 2:15am because he moved and kicked so much.

I was tired in the morning and let him hang out in my room watching the history channel. While I gardened and perfected the edges of our lawn. Then I came in a took a much needed nap.

I covered the “history” portion, but not the science. Later in the evening while sitting near my the flower garden I heard a very LOUD frog. While on the hunt to see this frog I noticed a mid-sized ecosystem happening in our very small pond. There were TONS of tadpoles!

Sometimes as parents we make mistakes with our children. Sometimes we have control over those mistakes and sometimes they are out of our control. Here was one of those times I made a mistake that had a chain reaction of events.
Mistake #1 - Telling JD about the tad pole infestation (I mean ecosystem)
Mistake #2 - Not being there to monitor his every step (and apparently his every thought)
Mistake #3 - Staying inside to do the dinner dishes while JD “played” outside.

Do I have your curiosity yet? WHAT HAD HAPPENED WAS…JD thought it would be fun to….or I could give them more room if…or I don’t know what he was really thinking…but I saw him dipping a small vessel into the pond and walking away to take the unsuspecting tadpoles on an “adventure.” I’m saying out loud, more to myself really, “Now what his he up to?” (CODE RED!) To spare any misfortune to the tadpoles lives I quickly change into my “Super Mom” costume and rapped on the kitchen window and saying while dramatically motioning, “No! Put them back!” (Whew…averted a disaster of massive proportions.) Earlier before dinner and while watching him he was pulling them out with his hand and into the fresh air to “name them.” (and I’m thinking…REALLY! Because one of the questions on the assessment only two days ago was…What does a frog do in stage two that it does not do in stage four? Um…breath air through it gills! I quickly refreshed JD’s mind on how they breath!

I finished up the few remaining dishes I had and promptly went outside. I asked, “How many tadpoles are taking swimming lessons in our pool.” I can’t really explain the look on his face. Maybe it was the “I’m busted” look or more like a cartoon face that you can see the bubble of thinking over their heads and he was quickly scrambling for a lie. His response was, “Two.” I sadly reported to him, “Well, those two will die. Because they are swimming in chlorinated water.” He genuinely looked distressed. Earlier, when I told him to drop the tadpoles from the kitchen window he was forced to change his mission from tadpole Navy Seal training to hunting the elusive pool bug. So after a couple of seconds of silence over the loss of two tadpoles he jumped to the pool and asked me to help him catch the pool bug so he could show daddy. (Just for future reference…the pool bugs are called Water Boatmen.) I dipped the pool net into the pool to catch a Water Boatmen when I saw a very small black thing swimming. Good thing I still had on my Super Mom costume. This enabled me to rescue the still living tadpole and return it to its birthplace. One down…one to go…was my motto from that point on. I’m not sure how many gallons are in a 16 foot by 42 inch pool, but searching that pool was terribly difficult with all the other things floating around in it. The saying “Like finding a needle in a haystack’ comes to mind. I enlisted the help of the bystanders to assist in mission Tadpole Rescue. My team included Jeff who can spot a four leaf clover in 10 seconds and JD who was already waist deep in the pool. Just when we were going to abort the mission JD spotted the remaining tadpole. And yes, it was still alive. MISSION COMPLETE!

After a brief lesson about ecosystems and different water types and a lecture about how to treat God’s creature’s JD promised to leave the tadpoles alone. Did you know in T-84 days it will be like the frog plague in the bible, right here at our house.

Time to wash the Super Mom costume. After all summer is just beginning and I will surely need it again.

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