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Friday, April 23, 2010

A quick but late day

Today started out running errands again. This time I had to pick up my medical records from Pope AFB and FedEx them to the Winston-Salem V.A. office so the wait time would be cut off (for me.) So we got started with school after our lunch period. We quickly got through all the lessons except for edit rewrite. I gave JD the choice of doing keyboarding or edit re-write. He chose keyboarding so we scraped the edit/rewrite lesson.

The devotion today was about movies seeming so real you get lost in them. Some people watch a movie and say, “Now I know what really happened.” But they depend only on the “facts” in the movie. The same could be said about some Christian historical movies. Some people think that every detail in the movies and media are 100% accurate. Our authority needs to cross checked with the bible for accuracy. It’s ok to enjoy the presentation just check the facts to see if they‘re real or not.

We only read once chapter in the bible. It was chapter 26. It told us all about Jacob stealing Esau’s blessing from Isaac. Isaac told Esau so go kill some meat and prepare it and then his would give Esau his blessing. That was where Rebekah told Jacob (her favorite son) to go get the animals and she would cook them for Isaac to eat. They had to disguise Jacob with goat skins on his arms and Esau’s clothes. They managed to trick Isaac and Esau was very mad. (I can only imagine.) Esau was planning to kill Jacob so Jacob had to flee the area until further notice from his mom.

The math lesson today was quick and easy. It was about Venn diagrams. That is the two or three circles that come together so if there’s common information you would put it where the circles come together.

The keyboarding lesson was quick and easy too. He is has completed level 2 (again) and stage 6. He earned a certificate for going through that level. Today he re-learned the letters “P” and “Q.”
The second to the last health lesson today was about setting goals. More specifically, setting both short term and long term goals. As well as future goals. One of the questions asked was, “What are some things that you’ve done that you are proud of? Answer: Almost eating a triple burger from Wendy’s and playing the organ by ear. His greatest accomplishment so far has been running a ½ mile without stopping and winning 1st place in the ¼ mile back at Highland Elementary School. Some future goals are running a full mile without stopping and buying a graveling hook. (I know…where did that come from?) He was not at all interested in setting future goals. So I helped him write on. CLEAN YOUR ROOM!

JD practiced his spelling words this week, but only if reminded. He pulled off a 100% on his test today. Yeah!

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