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Friday, March 5, 2010

50th Post

In honor of the 50th post to the Hyder Herald I thought I would do a “giveaway.” (I know 50 posts…I so need to get a life.) JD and I pulled a name from the bowl containing nine followers. And the winner is...drum roll please…Dollie! Congratulations and thanks for being a dedicated “Hyder Herald” follower!

It was terribly difficult to wake JD up this morning. He did stay up late though. So we got started a bit late. But overall it was a good day. The devotion today was about perfection. It listed a few people who had perfect scores or records. BUT it said perfection was terribly difficult to obtain. Then, it transitioned over to us Christians; we are to strive to imitate Jesus (the best we can anyway.)

We did not do the Purpose Driven Life today. He will read his new book called “Hero's Don't Run” as homework. This is the third book in the series. The first book was about the start of the Pearl Harbor bombing where Adam’s dads ship the Arizona was bombed and sank. So it kept his attention well. The second one, that he just finished, was not nearly as exciting for him. There was no shooting, bombing, or pictures. It was about Adam and his family moving to California. This next book should hold his attention. Apparently Adam will being joining the Army soon.

When we went to do the math lesson next and the internet was down. (Ugh!) So I moved him onto a non-internet lesson. It fell underneath the edit/rewrite time frame. On Monday, JD started a superhero comic book about a guy named “Bomb Hard.” (Imagine that.) The guy gets his superpowers from a toxic waste plant. From there he turns into a WWII fighter pilot. He kept bumping ideas off of me for the plot. We already “webbed” the plot. I think he was just actively looking for ways to delay the task. It was hard to keep him focused on this task. He kept getting up to sharpen a colored pencil, play with Tater, go to the bathroom, or anything else. He managed to complete the cover and the next page. I suggested he move away from drawing stick figures and he did. It’s really kind of cool.

The math lessons were so short today that we moved quickly from metric capacity to metric temperatures. We have now completed both customary and metric measurements. Next we will tackle two lessons on time. Seems easy enough…but it’s more than just telling time. (To tell you the truth I have to draw a little clock on my paper if I want to find out how many hours and minutes have passed. I count the little tick marks and go around in circles if its more than 12 hours.)

We did not do keyboarding today. I had errands to run today before we left for Tennessee to see our newest grand baby Isabella.

Today in health we did a lesson called “Who are you?” I loved this lesson. I was able to learn what JD values and has interests in. He learned what a value is and how it influences the choices he makes. He also learned what capabilities he has. There were three sheets to print out and circle age appropriate choices for values, interests, and capabilities. I knew most of them, but it was nice to hear from the horses mouth what he values most. Apparently, what he values most is privacy. His exact words were, “I don’t just want people just jumping in my room. (Really? I thought I’d have a couple more years before this happened.) At church and other places I’ve heard of 11 and 12 year olds referred as “tweens” because they’re in between kids and teenagers. (Lord help me when he becomes an teenager.

The dreaded spelling test went…PERFECTLY! He scored a 100% on 12 out of 12 words. Go JD! (We even have the certificate to prove it.) Evidently, those little certificates mean a lot to JD. He would complain in public school when he only got one or two during the awards ceremonies. That’s when we would have to talk him down from the roof and say, “Buddy, some kids don’t get any awards.”

Yesterday JD was getting extremely creative with the digital camera. I love how his mind thinks. Together we produced a movie (without music) Enjoy!

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