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Monday, March 1, 2010

A good day

This morning I woke up to my alarm but I hit snooze. I jumped back in bed and let the sunlight from the kitchen window warm me up. It was so nice. The second time I woke up JD was already awake. I made my coffee (imagine that) and emailed Jeff stating, “Today was shaping up to be a great day.” I was correct except for the journal lesson. Oh well. Still a good day!

The devotion today was about Captain America the superhero. His famous introduction was back in 1941. His power didn’t come at birth. He drank a liquid and gained his power. We Christians are like Steve Rogers a.k.a. Captain America. We are powerless, until we receive the gift of salvation and the Holy Spirit. Then we are strengthened to do all that God has for us to do.

The Purpose Driven Life reading today ended purpose three for our lives. Today’s reading was called “It Takes time.” In this instant world that we live in we want things now. But just like babies need time to grow and mature, so do Christians. After all God is preparing us for eternity. We’re really no different from Old Testament people. We’re slow learners and we have a lot of “world” to unlearn taking off the old self and putting on the new. I know I’ve felt Christian growing pains have you? Sometimes I want to stay in my comfort zone but God pulls me out and allows me to experience uncomfortable and unfamiliar things and people to help me grow. (Um, thank you) Habits take time to develop. I can’t be a caring Christian if I don’t practice it and make it a habit. I was just saying to Jeff, I care when someone gets hurt, but I’m not a real compassionate person. (I don’t thinks that’s my “calling” to be the card sender or telephone call maker when someone is absent from church.) Again the book mentions “Don’t get in a hurry.” That’s my life. Hurry here, hurry there. There are spiritual seasons in our lives and it take the fruit time to develop. I really dislike that God’s timetable is not lined up with mine but a real fact I must come to terms with. I love how Rick Warren puts it…God is never in a hurry, but he’s always on time. I don’t get easily discouraged with God when my prayers are not answered in time because I know he’s working in my life all the time. Just like I tell JD no sometimes (for good reasons) God also tells me no.

The math lesson today was about customary temperatures. They only discussed Fahrenheit today. It was an easy lesson and he mastered it.

Today JD earned a certificate in his keyboarding lesson. Today he learned the letter “C” and comma “,” He’s not really helping himself by looking at the keyboard but I have to let him try it his way. I figure any kind of practice it better than none. I think he just has four more stages to go and he’ll have completed the whole lesson. I think repeating it would be good for him. That was this time could be for familiarization and the next can be for proficiency.

The journal lesson took much too long and JD make it way more complicated than it needed to be. It was to simply create a superhero character. I wanted him to name the character and write only details (not complete sentences) about what he looked like, his strengths and weaknesses and what he was famous for.) This took over an hour! (Ugh) Then I found a blank printable comic strip book that he could create. We’ll work more on that tomorrow.

The art lesson today was about value. I didn’t sit with so I’m trying to understand what the lesson taught him. The best explanation I can get is the lesson helped him understand shades of colors. It was very interactive and he likes it. I can hardly get him off.

I have increased the number of spelling words from 10 to 12. I was nosing around the web and found a list of 5th grade spelling words. They seem shorter than the ones I have been doing lately. I have also had him write acrostic sentences and a picture to accompany each word. We’ll have to wait until Friday to see if my theory is correct. After all he managed a couple of 100%s in the past with this method. But he ventured out on his own the last couple of weeks trying to find shortcuts to doing his work by deleting the need for viable sentences and pictures.

We also did a small science lesson today. I had red cabbage juice left over from his birthday party so we did tests to see what was a base and what was acid. If you put vinegar in with red cabbage juice (which is really purple) the juice will turn red. That means vinegar is an acid. If you put cascade in the purple juice the juice will turn light blue. That means the Cascade is a base.

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  1. As I recall, my science lessons were not nearly as interesting and fun. Crossing my fingers
    about his spelling test on Friday.
    Glad it was a good day.