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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Busy day

The devotion today was about Harry Houdini the escape artist. He was born 24 Mar, 1874. His real name was Ehrich Weiss. Then, it transitioned into Paul and Silas. More specifically the night the earthquake happened in the jail that they were being held. The doors flew open and the chains from every prisoner fell off, but Paul and Silas stayed put. That night the prison guard and his entire family were saved!

JD read and finished his book “Hero’s don’t run.” It was a cool book. (I read it too since he said there were cuss words in it. I didn’t see any cuss words even though there was a chapter where Adam went through Basic Training and there was ample opportunity.) He will give me a verbal book report tomorrow. Later this week and next he will design a creative way to show off his book report. I finished another book myself. Jeff suggested I read a Max Lucado book called “He Chose the Nails.” I liked it but I needed to read just a chapter a day to let it all soak in. It talked about every aspect of before the crucifixion, the crucifixion, and after the crucifixion. Everything from the walk to the rise. I don’t know what we’ll both be reading next.

The geometry lesson was all about circles. I got it quicker than JD did and because it was completely new information for him he instantly put up a wall and got easily frustrated when he got an answer wrong. The lesson was asking us to find the radius, the diameter, and the circumference of circles. As long as you know one of those dimensions you can figure out the rest with either multiplication or division. Then, they threw in a new term to me but I've heard of it before: Pi. (Oh, not thank you I'm more of a cookie or a brownie girl. No, I didn't misspell it "Pi." That is the crazy looking house thingy and it equals approximately 3.14xxxxx. The formula rules for finding the missing numbers was kind of weird, but we figured out most of them. JD still managed a 100% on the quiz. (With my assistance.)

I had errands to run today so I had the journal lesson easy for JD. I still want him to practice his cursive. I wrote him a letter that told him I loved him and what a special child he was. It also included how I hope he does all that God has for him to do. All he had to do was trace the letter.

We did not do music today unless you count practicing for the Cantata on Sunday. He knows all the words without looking at the book.

The history lesson today was all about Lewis and Clark’s 2-year expedition. It also included a short entry about a gentleman by the name of Zebulon Pike. All those years of living in Colorado and I never knew one of the mountains was named after “Pike.” (See you can teach old dogs new tricks.)

The word bank lesson was completed together today because I was short on time. The words were: ruddy, loutish, and grandiose.

Wow the blog is considerably shorter now that the Purpose Driven Life study is finished. Less typing is nice since we attended church this evening and then had a Cantata practice to muddle through. I write most of this blog before Jeff gets home but I finish it in the evenings. So until tomorrow…

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  1. Just sitting here thinking how things change,
    I didn't have geometry in fith grade.
    Looking forward to hearing the Cantata.