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Monday, February 1, 2010

School was cancelled Monday!

There was no school for Faith Christian Academy. Since JD's friend was out of public school today due to freezing ice on the country roads I decided it would be extremely unfair to home school JD while his friend watched TV in our living room. (I watch his friend after school.) So instead of our detailed school day I thought I would share some pictures of JD on Sunday. Church was cancelled Sunday too.

JD thought taping racquetball rackets to his feet would help him keep his footing.

Then his daddy mentioned the skies sitting in the garage. Once daddy vacuumed out the spiders webs, all was good in our neighborhood.

"Now make sure your foot is all the way to the front and SLAM your foot." (Giggling) "I am daddy." "Here let me help you."

Mommy, Daddy, look I'm skiing! (You can't see the huge smile or hear the same giggle he's done since he was a baby, but he was happy and super excited to be skiing for the first time EVER!)

Hey! Who put that trampoline there? Slow down, slow down. He eventually slid down to his side.
We hope you enjoyed our snow/ice weekend. Public school is also out Tuesday 2 Feb, but since JD's friend has so many projects to do for his extremely strict 4th grade teacher I told his mom to send them on tomorrow and I would make sure he does them. I will also be homeschooling JD but hopefully it will only be a 1/2 day for all.

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  1. Did not expect anything, but just in case I decided to look....what a great surprise. Thanks for posting the pictures.