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Monday, January 18, 2010

Today was short and sweet

It was a short and sweet day.

I felt so bad for JD that his friends were out of school today and he needed to do some short lessons. All I had him do today was language arts, math, and I gave him the next ten spelling words. They are all words with Greek parts.

Language arts was a study of Greek and Latin words. The word “port” means to carry. Then we expanded that into more words like: transport, porter, portable, export, import, and support. The word “graph” means to write or print. It can be expanded into words like: graphology, biography, autobiography, telegraph, and geography.

(This picture was taken 12 Jan during email/snail mail lesson. He was real busy during this time. He was emailing Daddy, Grammy, checking the status of a game he purchase, and looking at funny emails in our box. Notice Tater? She's never far from her boy. JD tried to get dresses and go outside to play during one of our five minute breaks. I had to stop him at the getting dressed stage in order to keep on schedule.)

Math today was division. We learned what compatible numbers are when estimating division problems. This was a tough lesson for me too. But we got through the lesson and quiz a 100% (working together.) The second lesson today was learning easy division rules. Ex: Can 315 be divide by 9 without anything remaining? (I don’t know…lets use the nifty difty rule for “9’s”.) 3+1+5=9, so yes, 9 will go into 315 evenly, without any remainders. (Cool huh?) Jeff walked up behind us and said, “Hey, I never knew that.” I said, “We just learned it!”

So as you can see...school was short and sweet. The house keeping today was not. I managed my way into JD's room to clean it. He'd expressed an interest in keeping his room "orderly." (Hah ha...whoa...fell of my chair.) So I cleaned his room and I'll see how far that goes "orderly." I told him it's on a weekly cleaning schedule by him!...from now on.

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  1. Love the picture. Thank you teacher for a short
    day. Thank you Momma for the "orderly" room.
    Order is good :)