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Thursday, January 28, 2010

An on-time productive day

Devotion today was about King Edward VI. He was a 9-year old King. Then it transitioned into the 7-year old Joash from the bible who was also a young King. Joash relied on advice from Jehoiada in order to rule his Kingdom. Then it asked are we relying on others for advice or are we making the decision to follow God.

The Purpose Driven Life reading was about “Worship that pleases God” just like mark 12:30 says. We should worship accurately (in spirit and in truth), authentically (genuine and heartfelt), thoughtfully (self explanatory), and practically (by being a living sacrifice.) Makes me think “I’m often times just going through the motions.”

Math went over by a few minutes today but we accomplished a lot. We learned about “estimating decimals” (with compatible numbers and "front end" estimation) and “identifying percents” (from percents to fractions and from fractions to percents.) It was okay estimating, but the whole switcheroo thingy confused me, but JD seemed to take to it quickly.

I’m loving this civics study. It continued from the last lessons on the lemonade stand. JD learned a few more terms and took a chapter quiz. He scored an 80%. From there I had him do some research on a lemonade recipe, and we gathered the prices of the needed items. (Did you know lemons cost $0.89 each at Food Lion? I HATE supply and demand!) From there we made an all water lemonade for measuring purposes, and figured out that one 9 ounce cup of freshly squeezed lemonade from “Jonathan‘s Juice“ will cost approximately $0.75 per cup. That’s with an 11% profit margin. When I ran my lemonade stand I think I charged $0.10 a cup. My goodness how the times have changed. After school ended we went out to the unfinished tree house and gathered scrap wood for a "Jonathan’s Juice" sign. We then put two coats of paint on it. More to come on this up and coming entrepreneur. He’s having a lot of fun designing his business plan.

Email/snail mail was replaced by keyboarding today. He’s now on Level 2, Stage 5. They incorporated the letters W and O. I was doing some lemonade math problems for JD to figure out when he was typing so I didn’t fuss when he looked at the keyboard. I just wanted him to have fun doing it.
Science was six steps to conducting an experiment. He also picked a new experiment to do. Lord be with us...he picked something to do with fire…prayer request time. I'll have to have his daddy help him with this because there are so many what ifs. (Wait, Cheryl, don't you remember the time Jeff caused an explosion under the yard? **Note to self, sweet talk JD to pick another science project. Maybe seeing if popcorn has more or less calories than chip.) Fortunately for all mankind, I was able to talk him out of desperately wanting to build his own explosive device! (Thanks Papaw!)

JD took a spelling pretest today and scored a solid 100%. He and I were both proud that he scored 100% on the quiz. I guess the sentences helped him greatly. So when he scores a 100% tomorrow we get to print out a certificate. Remember I typed before that he has never gotten a 100% on any spelling test. Maybe we’ll buy a frame for that beautiful certificate.

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